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This blog is private property.  While I allow others to make use of the site through interviews, advertising and auctions, I reserve the right to limit the content as I see fit.  All comments made on this blog become my property, which means I reserve the right to delete any that I find offensive.

Where facts are stated I have done my best to research them but I make no guarantee on their correctness.  Use any advice or information at your own risk.  This is particularly true about anything written for health care. Please please please ALWAYS consult your veterinarian when it comes to the health of your cat.

All content on this blog is copyrighted under the creative commons act.  You are welcome to quote me but make sure you tell people where you got your information.

Anything that I review will be in the form of an affiliate link, unless otherwise stated.  In cases where it is not an affiliate, I may have received some sort of compensation to write the review.   Please take this into consideration.  If I am doing an auction, I will let you know the cause for which this is being done or if I am being directly compensated for that.

My advertisements from Amazon are all affiliate links. I do get compensation from the Amazon Store I have and you can find further terms on their site.

Comment policy:

We love real comments.  Spam, not so much.  If you are a regular commenter and find that your comments are getting eaten, please inform me as sometimes our spam plugin gets uppity.  All comments on this blog become my property and I have the right to:

  1. quote them in a future post
  2. delete them as I see fit.

I delete all spam comments and any that I feel do not pertain to the post.



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