Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for me.  After all, if I did not exist the world would be a poorer place.  Now, I am going to go eat fishy flakes, which I am also thankful for but to suggest such a thing on such a monumental day would be shallow.  And I hate shallow. Especially in food dishes.

Thankful Thursday

Look at my lovely gift from Misses Peach.  Isn’t it great? We won it in her contest and we are so thrilled. I think it will look great on me.   This is the tea for the Woman and a lovely photo of my dear friend.

Thank you for being our friends here online. We always appreciate all of you–even when like today we do not get to visit (because the Woman is BUSY).   Sigh.

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that I am a house cat.  It doesn’t get better than that does it?

Thankful Thursday

I am quite glad that looks from Gemini do not kill. I don’t think she is happy with me at all.  I am not sure why. I am such a pleasant cat.

We are all thankful for the lovely things people said about the cards with me on them, though I knew such things would be a crowd pleaser.  How could anyone not love me?  Perhaps I shall have the Woman put them on poster sized items so people can have me larger than life.  I think that would make the World a better place. Don’t you?

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that Cheysuli really did not get my tail even though it looks like it.

We are both thankful for the sunshine.

And the fact that Momma was home more on Wednesday and Thursday–even though those are the days of her “real” job so that means she was very slow.

I do not know why she worries when she does so much else.

We are also so thankful for all of our friends who fanned her facebook page on her art. She has a couple of new photos for cards and stuff but she has been too busy to put them up.

Both Cheysuli and I are thankful that it is Earth Day and that we have EARTH here at our house, even if we don’t get to out on it much. Happy Earth Day!!!

Thankful Thursday

IMG_7209aWe are thankful to have found this statue that reminds us of our Georgia.   Momma found that when she was in Milwaukee earlier this year.   She got it because it was her little angel Georgia.

We would also like to ask you to purr for our farmer friend David and his little dog Gus.  He will be making a very long drive very very early this morning (so it’s probably about now if you are on the east coast!) to bring our cow over the mountain.   While the cow may not be happy to be traveling, David says this particular place is very reputable and does an excellent job and he likes they way they treat his cows.   

Momma says David has happy cows because they get to play outside in the pasture all the time and eat lots of grass, which is what cows are supposed to eat, rather than corn.   She says what your food eats is very important.   I will have to think about that.   I can’t wait to meet my cow… except Momma is going to store it in a freezer when it gets here but I think that would make our cow a little cold.    I think that if it got to be very happy for so long that Momma should really be nicer to it.

Thankful Thursday

img_5933aWe are always thankful for our good food. Also now and then we are thankful when Momma gets it cleaned up way good and much better than this.

I am a good little cat and I eat my kitty crunchies and I eat some of the canned food when Georgia doesn’t finish it up.   I do not eat too much like some cats.

I was hidden all day yesterday because there was that little dog here.  Momma and her friend left with the little dog for part of the day and then when Georgia was downstairs the little dog came in the house because my Dad did not stop her from running inside.   Anyway Georgia didn’t notice her but she noticed Georgia but she was very nice.  Georgia was very confused when she suddenly noticed the little dog and she was quite scared.

Momma got the little dog and picked her up and took her outside.   Then Georgia walked as fast as she could upstairs (which is not real fast for a cat but is not slow either) and stayed there until I told her it was safe to come down because everyone was gone!

I am glad. I do not like visitors.

Gemini is Thankful on Thursday

img_5969a I am very glad I get to sit in the sun with Georgia sometimes. There is a lot of sun here and we both quite like it.

We are very thankful that Pet of the Bengal Brats is doing a tiny bit better. There is still a long road but she said she actually has a bit of energy and we are so thrilled.

Also Pet and the Brats are hosting the Carnival this weekend so you all must go over there and make sure there are plenty of posts for her! We need to make sure Momma is better about this but sometimes it is hard.

Well Momma got some new boots for her skis and now she can’t wait to get back up to the mountain. I think she should stay home in the sun with me!

Sort of Thankful Thursday

img_6008aGemini thinks she is top cat again, here on the stairs. I think this little one is getting above her station. All because I wanted to take time to nap rather than run around trying to tell humans what to do–now there is a thankless job if I ever heard one!

With all the economic problems, I am quite glad I made the choice to nap. I realize that some may think that I am avoiding my own call to greatness, but we have to have balance in our lives. Imagine what I would have to do to try and fix all of these problems, with the rampant specism in this country.

My empty food dish and having to defend my bed would be the least of my problems!

Humans must wake up to the fact that this is their mess and they can’t expect us cats to coming running to their rescue just because they want us to.

Now having said that, I am quite thankful that I have a sun spot to nap in… even if Gemini is annoying me, as usual.

Toys Bring Cats Together

img_5909aEven though we don’t always like each other, it is nice to have someone to play with new toys with.

We love our flingamastring toy.  Gemini comes running when she hears it go off!  I quite like watching her at it but  I have not yet attacked it.

I know, we mostly don’t seem to like each other but we do like each other a little bit.  Sometimes.  Every now and then. When we’re distracted. Or when Georgia is around. And when we play chase.

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