Tabby Tuesday

Yesterday I surprised my Momma.  I came downstairs in the middle of the day and I sat on her lap and I napped on her while she read.   I was not even ready to get up when she needed to get back to doing some work, I was so comfy.

Now, normally I rarely come out during the day.   This was far earlier than I usually creep out and then I only check things out and go back to hiding.   Of course, any change in behavior, even one she likes worries Momma a little bit.  Cause you know I could need more attention because I am sick or something.

But I think I was just looking for attention because Ichiro takes so much and I could smell him in the bedroom.  He would rather annoy Cheysuli than talk to Momma, so I got to go and snooze on her!

Tabby Tuesday

I feel neglected. Both Cheysuli and Ichiro have columns at Mousebreath. In fact, Chey has an advice column.  I do not have one. Momma didn’t even think about giving me one.  Did you know I was the first cat with a blog and my blog does not even exist since Momma put me on this one?

I think I should demand more.   I think I should stand up for tabbys everywhere and refuse to be on a site that is devoted to Siamese. It is not my fault I am not a Siamese.  I am a tabby.  And a puffy cat. That should be enough.   I’d like to see Cheysuli fend for herself the way I did as a kitten until I found my Momma.  She would never have been smart enough to find Momma! Not like me.

I think if I do not have my own website or my own column I should get something of my own.  Something even better than my own closet… But what should I ask for?

Tabby Tuesday

It always seems to be me who has to come up with the news.  Let’s see.  From April 12 to 19th Momma (and my dad) will be in North Carolina (mostly).  They are taking a day trip to Johnson City Tennessee and one day they will be in Roanoake.   They fly into South Carolina.  She is hoping on the 18th to see Praline’s Mom, although it is too far for Praline to come! We wanted to let other southern cats know in case they are in the area as well.   Momma will be mostly in Western North Carolina.

Also, Momma made the new master bathroom look like Chey and Ichiro.  Well it is blue and blonde and brown.  So here is the link to that for photos.  There are also photos of the guest bath which looks a bit more like my handsome Ping!  I like that bathroom.  But finally things are done and I do not have to have all those people in my house! YEAH. Well Momma still needs new towels and stuff for the master bathroom and then some decorating but she likes it well enough right now.

And finally, you all asked what a Puffalo is.  Now you know…(I feel so stupid).


Tabby Tuesday

Well I can talk about me this week.  Except that there is not a lot to say. Last week, on Tuesday morning I meowed all night. Between that and what Momma thought was me not eating much she took me to the vet.   The vet lady found that I had gained 6 ounces so Momma felt dumb. But they did give her a remedy for me and so she gave it to me and I have not meowed all night again.

The vet lady thinks it is because I am distressed from the intruder building the bathroom. He is almost done with the guest bath but it will get worse because on Wednesday he will start on the master bath and I hide in the closet of the master bedroom, which means he will be RIGHT THERE where I am. I do not think I will like that.  Momma said it would be for about two weeks.  And she will move me into the spare bedroom so I can hide under that bed and feel safer.

I guess I had a lot to say after all.

Oh oops.. Happy Birthday Chey…?

Tabby Tuesday

I am sitting on my dad’s lap. I am not sure if I like this photo as he is not letting my furs puff out. Momma worries that I look t skinny in this photo but really I think it is because my furs are not poofed because his hand is holding me there while she takes my picture.

I had a nice Christmas.   Ichiro chased me around a bit, but I growled at him viciously and then hissed at him if he did not listen.   I do not let him push me around or sit on me–anywhere.

Momma noticed that when she did not know I was in the bedroom and she locked Ichiro out, I came up and snoozed on the bed until it was almost time for her to get up. In fact, if she had not woken up and gotten up anyway I would have snoozed until the alarm went off at least.  However, when Ichiro is in the room, he and I are both usually up about 2 or 3 AM.   Momma thinks he disturbs me.    I think she might be right.   He can be disturbing.

Tabby Tuesday

You may be wondering why I am looking so irritated in this post. It is because Ichiro is making faces at me just out of the camera range.   I do not like it when he does the tough boy stuff. I have to do the Tough a Tabby stuff right back!

At any rate, yesterday I helped Momma with her work out.   She walks on the treadmill and I walk all over the handle area and the timer and press my head against her chest to get her to rub my ears.  Then I show her my behind so she rubs my back.  Then I turn around again and again.  Yesterday I turned off the treadmill when she was nearly done so she had to walk a little longer.  You know how pounds come on during the holidays.

At any rate, she is going to be gone a lot again this week. I know it means more money for foods and stuff, but I miss my Momma!  Aren’t  holidays supposed to be about family?!

Tabby Tuesday

Well this photo is old.  Like last spring, before Ichiro was even thought of!  But today Momma took some more photos of me.  She just has not downloaded them. She is hoping to get even more as she does not know how good those photos turned out.  Ichiro was chasing me.

Momma says I am a Tuffalo around him because I do not take any kitten spit.  I swat him right back.  And I puff up to my biggest size and stand on my hind legs so that he can not knock me over.  He is getting bigger so it is harder.

I think he is settling down a little bit, but I think he needs to settle down a lot more before he is a good cat.

Tabby Tuesday

Sometimes when I have a thought, it makes my head itch.

Momma asked me what she thought about making Ichiro’s full name Ichiro Hussein Pendragon.  I think that that is a big mouthful that will take me a lot of thinking.

Maybe Ping will come help me itch my head?

Tabby Tuesday

I think that if Momma is going to put down nip, well then I should use it!  I mean Ichiro gets all my cat foods because he is a little piglet.  Sometimes Momma puts him in a separate room so I can eat my food.  I like that.  I do not like to be rushed.

The other day he threw himself at me, so I stood up and threw myself at him, and Momma laughed because she said it was a big old body slam.  He respects me and does not bother me nearly as much as he bothers Cheysuli.  I like that.

He is not a bad kitten. He is just a kitten.  And if he does something that means that Momma squirts him with the water bottle and gets Chey, that is okay, so long as she does not accidentally get me!

Tabby Tuesday

Momma was taking all sorts of holiday photos of Ichiro for cards.   I washed my furs for the photoshoot so she could take a photo of me, but Ichiro jumped me and now my furs are all out of place. How can I be in the holiday cards if my furs are not perfect?!

That kitten is getting big. He is about four and half months old I think.  He has very big toes.  His kitten toes were bigger than mine even and I am a very cobby cat.   I think he is going to be a big boy.

He mostly attacks Cheysuli but sometimes he comes after me.  I swat him hard.  He does not mess with me nearly so much.  Sometimes he ambushes me though, like during the photoshoot.  Momma will be taking some more shots though!  And he might even have to wear a costume!!

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