Cheysuli Tagged As Potential Supreme Court Justice

img_5593aFormer Candidate Cheysuli’s name has come up as one of the names on the short list for the Supreme Court Justice to replace David Souter who is said to be retiring soon.

While there was controversy in the presidential election about Cheysuli due to her species and her age and even potentially her birth place, the Supreme Court has no such requirements. Anyone can be a justice if they are appointed and pass muster with Congress.

Popular with the democratic Senators, Cheysuli should have few problems in passing the Senate should President Obama actually nominate her. However, detractors suggest that Obama wants someone with real world experience and probably some law background. “Cheysuli has no real world experience whatsoever. She lives in a fantasy world. Cats can’t really be president,” stated an unnamed skeptic.

We shall have to wait and see.

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