Meezer Rule Wednesday

Today’s Meezer Rule:When you need to update the blog–make sure the human does it right.

First, the Woman had to go read her blogs (yawn). She found out that some themes that you download have icky stuff in the footer and of course this happened on mine. She tried to remove it but it messed up the whole theme (sigh).

So she put up an old theme from before and went to work.

THEN she found a newer theme that she kind of liked and decided to edit that, but before she went to through the work, she decided to upgrade to WordPress 2.5. This went surprisingly well (Yes Gandalf and Grayson, no problems) except that for some reason we had to approve all our comments rather than have them auto approved except for notification.

So for an afternoon all of you who thought that your comments weren’t showing, well yes they were. They were just waiting to be approved. Sigh.

Finally I think we have this fixed. My human. She can not do anything without supervision.

Oh and I hear Zoolatry has a wonderful post today…!

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