Meezer Mancat Monday

Ichiro says Happy HalloweenWow. Look at that handsome cat!  Do I look good in my pumpkin shirt or what?

Happy Halloween!

Find Chey Friday

Well look at Ichiro having a grand time trying to catch that cat toy… Although I’m feeling a bit weary and would like to head home while the holiday traffic is still out on holiday!

Can you guide me to where I need to go?

Find Full Find Chey Ruleshere.


Mancat Meezer Monday

Well I looked after the house this weekend.  Gemini was on Mom and so I jumped on her and landed on her back and she ran away so I chased her.   She whapped me hard on the nose and I chased her some more.  Mom didn’t like that.  I don’t know why.

Then I sat on Cheysuli’s head.

Then I sat on the keyboard one too many times and Dad made a place for Mom to put it so I can lie on her desk and not be on the keyboard.   While it’s kind of nice, she moves around too much for me so I don’t like the desk so much.

Still it was a busy week.  How was yours?

Cheysuli: Forced to Live in Slave Like Conditions

img_6027aReporters camped outside Cheysuli’s home realized that the former candidate is subject to slave like conditions. Their mikes picked up the following: (be aware the content is shocking to sensitive cats.)

“Chey. Smell my foot,” says a male voice.

“Chey you do whatever you want to do,” a female voice.

“Go on smell my foot,” the male voice again.

“See she smelled my foot. She likes it,” the male voice yet again.

“She’s just humoring you so you leave her alone. How would you like a foot waved in your face 15 times a day?” a female voice.

Our reporters are looking into Siamese abuse by the person with the male voice but are unsure what kind of charges may be brought.

Meezer Monday

Chey covers eyesIt was refreshing to see my humans working their hands to the bone, cleaning up the fine mess we all made of the house. They just could not understand how it happened. I should like to thank all of you for your help!

I was pleased that we got a bit of record-breaking late snow–here and in La Conner about an hour north. Yes, at the end of April, snow landed on the tulips. Sadly, the Woman noted that a lot of the little specialty shops in town were going out of business, including Good Kitty Bad Kitty, which was a favorite of hers. Of course, we all know which cat I am.

At any rate, I made out well as she purchased a bunch of stuff from them and got it at 50% off. She shouldn’t be spending money, but how can you pass up such a sale?

They drove up the Valley along the Skagit River and had pizza in Concrete. No, not bad pizza, but pizza in the town of Concrete. A lovely place that we are constantly hoping Stephen King will set a novel. They did find that Sedro Woolley was only about an hour from Mt. Baker Ski Area, which is a bit closer than Bellingham. This means that the north eastern part of Mt. Vernon isn’t much farther, which puts it in the running for a retirement area.

I firmly believe I belong at Mt. Vernon, although I thought it was on the east coast?

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