Mancat Monday

Zazzle Faces of catsWell I get to tell all about what Momma made.  That is me in the upper right hand corner when I was a wee little kit.  See my big eyes!  And yes, I guess that is Cheysuli in the middle.  Can you find other cats you might know?  We can tell you about a couple of others who you might not know.  If you love it, this is for sale on Zazzle at our shop!

On the left in the middle is  cat from Purrfect Pals named Harlequinn.  Harle liked to suck on her leg when she would start to purr. Unfortunately she was very unhappy at the area Purrect Pals had a Petco and she was quite grouchy all the time.  For awhile they tried a calming collar and she did much better. She was still a little standoffish but could be a love bug from time to time.  When that collar ran out she got very depressed and would not even make eye contact with any of the volunteers.  She wouldn’t come out of her house and she would try and bite.  The lead took her home for fostering in her foster room so that Harle had her own space and she became the biggest love bug ever!  The Woman really liked Harle and it is too bad that she did not like other cats at all.

So what do you think of Harlequin?

Meezer Mancat Monday

Ichiro says Happy HalloweenWow. Look at that handsome cat!  Do I look good in my pumpkin shirt or what?

Happy Halloween!

Meezer Mancat Monday

It’s Tock Tober and you know what that means!


Stay tuned but while you wait-admire this little taste of Ichiro-Tock.

My Gotcha Day!

Ichiro destroys Chey's lifeOkay, I am having a full weekend Gotcha Day party as Mom FORGOT!  I was adopted on August 1, 2010 and I was tiny (see?).  Now I am a big handsome Mancat having had a birthday sometime about 11 weeks ago.

Mom remembered because the Blue Angels are here for Seafair again and she remembered being in the parking lot with Cheysuli at her vet watching some of their show.   Chey was busy getting poked and prodded because you know, she did not like me and tried to kill herself.

Anyway, she decided she could live for fishy flakes and I make sure she knows that I really appreciate that by sitting on her head every chance I get.  Come on by.  The weather is iffy today but tomorrow it should be around 80 or so which is really warm here.  Anyway, Chey won’t be leaving this weekend for Find Chey as we’ll be having a party!  And besides–Mom and Dad won’t be home part of the weekend–so think what a party we can have!

The Book Of Ichiro, Chapter 1

So I said to Cheysuli, why should I worship you?

And Chey said, “You don’t have to.  You’re a cat.  Pets don’t have to worship me.  They are too busy being worshipped by their owners.   I just want to be remembered as the one who reminds them to worship their pets.”

So I said, that’s cool.  So how come it’s like a religion?  Don’t you fight for souls or something?

And Chey said, “Well you know, lots of Gods do.   But Bast and I decided it’s not really what the humans believe but how they act.   We don’t want to get involved in all those human soul wars.  After all, what would we WANT with a bunch of human souls?!  No, we think they can keep their own beliefs so long as they are kind to those who are most vulnerable.”

So any way I still think that’s like way cool.   And all.  But I kind of like to fight so I asked about that and Chey told me that it’s okay to fight if I’m a cat because like that’s my nature and I’m not mad about stuff and things.   And it’s okay to defend myself if I like get attacked and stuff so I think that’s all cool too.

So have you signed up for the newsletter? Today is the last day for our contest to help Max’ person by getting money per newsletter sign up!   We’re lower than we thought on money so come on and help us.  We would cap at $50.00 but we’re nowhere near that.    Have a perfect fourth!   Fun but not too noisy!

Mancat Meezer Monday

Mom says she just can’t take a bad photo of me.  Don’t you agree?

Chey dislikes this.

Chey says I am not always a good cat either.  She said that Mom was a bit upset with me the times I have leaped up on Gemini and grabbed her making her run away.   I don’t know why. It was fun.

Why are fun things wrong?

Oh and Mom wanted me to say that We remember for Memorial Day but I am not sure what we remember–I think I am too little and I forgot.

Mancat Meezer Monday

Well I looked after the house this weekend.  Gemini was on Mom and so I jumped on her and landed on her back and she ran away so I chased her.   She whapped me hard on the nose and I chased her some more.  Mom didn’t like that.  I don’t know why.

Then I sat on Cheysuli’s head.

Then I sat on the keyboard one too many times and Dad made a place for Mom to put it so I can lie on her desk and not be on the keyboard.   While it’s kind of nice, she moves around too much for me so I don’t like the desk so much.

Still it was a busy week.  How was yours?

Mancat Meezer Monday

Well Momma wants to enter me in the Average Joe Cat Show cause she thinks I am a winner.  She needs to decide which categories to enter me in.   Which do you think I would be good in?  The categories are on the sidebar here.   Momma says she only wants me to be entered into about three or four categories as it costs for each category.

She was laughing and thinking for the cage decoration contest she could make it a Mariner’s dugout or something.  That would not be what I was entered into though. She thinks that is more for the people than for the cats.

Cheysuli will not be entered.   Momma says it is because Chey is not average.  I know it is because Momma likes me best and I am most likely to be the winner.

I will let Gemini tell you which categories Momma is thinking about for me after you give us your ideas!  Then I will talk more about it next week!

Whapping Wednesday

I know the brat is in there. He can’t hide from me!  He’s got a big old whap coming for leaping on me AGAIN!

Mini Mancat Meezer Monday

I love my sparkle balls.

I love to torment the other Siamese.  She growls at me.  But I just play.

The other day I sat on her and fell asleep.  She moved and laid on me and went back to sleep. I was happy.

Then today she attacked me.

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