Rescued Tabby Tuesday

IMG_3502aYes, that is right. I was a Rescued cat and I am a published author type cat too! Yeah me, right?!

Mama and I walked about my story, which was very magical to her but was just ordinary to me and we wrote it up for Rescued. November is our month and 30% of all profits goes to Purrfect Pals out of Arlington, Washington. It is the place Mama adopted Ichiro, but we will not hold that against them. They do a lot of good for cats in the Seattle area.

You may wonder where I came from. I just showed up in Mama’s condominium complex on a dark and stormy night (she would not let me use that introduction, though). I was mewing and no one but Mama and Mama Georgia heard me. She did not find me until the next day but I ran and hid from her. There was a very nice big cat in the complex named Eight Ball who helped her find me again and then she took me inside to her bathroom and made sure that I would not run away again.

She says I have always been a wee bit feral. I just say I know what I want when I want. I can’t help it if she has other ideas!

Tabby Tuesday

This is my favorite spot to watch the big crows and the squirrels. There are trees right outside (so it is not as bright as Momma would like) but the squirrels love to climb the trees.  From here I can look out and look through the branches when there are no naughty squirrels and watch the crows flying around.  Sometimes they fly right towards me!  I get so excited.  It makes Momma laugh.

I like this place. I come out and do not hide hardly at all. Momma isn’t sure if it is because it is smaller and more manageable for me so I am not so afraid or if it is because it is smaller and therefore all her feliway diffusers are more concentrated so I am more relaxed.  At any rate, I am out lots and lots and Momma sees me way more often and she likes that.  Ichiro does not know what to make of it and because I still swat him and hiss at him (Momma even told me I was mean once! ME!) it makes him very anxious.

Momma is hoping that the two of us will settle down sometime.  I do not know.  I like being feisty!

Tabby Tuesday

This is the face I show Ichiro.  He keeps trying to mess with me.  I tell him that I dare him to take me on.  I am a tough little tabby.

Tabby Tocks Tuesday

Momma obsesses about my pretty tocks.  She is always feeling to be sure there is only fur there and sometimes she even trims my fancy pants furs!  And then she feels around for mats so she can comb them out.  I hate that a whole lot.   I do not like having my furs combed out like that.

Momma told me we would be moving in a couple of weeks.  I do not think I like this idea.  I do not like it already as stuff is getting moved around in my house into places I do not think it should go.  A cat should have a say in all this, shouldn’t she?

Cat Talk Time

Gemini is a MeatloafMeatloaf

(Well did you think I was going to Puffalo again?)

And that’s today’s Word for Cat Talk Tuesday

Tabby Tuesday

I am having a garage sale to help Momma and my Dad when they try to sell the house.

Ichiro: $1.00 (I only have a dollar to pay you to take him).  He makes my whisker curl–see I have one curly whisker!

Tabby Tuesday

Well I can talk about me this week.  Except that there is not a lot to say. Last week, on Tuesday morning I meowed all night. Between that and what Momma thought was me not eating much she took me to the vet.   The vet lady found that I had gained 6 ounces so Momma felt dumb. But they did give her a remedy for me and so she gave it to me and I have not meowed all night again.

The vet lady thinks it is because I am distressed from the intruder building the bathroom. He is almost done with the guest bath but it will get worse because on Wednesday he will start on the master bath and I hide in the closet of the master bedroom, which means he will be RIGHT THERE where I am. I do not think I will like that.  Momma said it would be for about two weeks.  And she will move me into the spare bedroom so I can hide under that bed and feel safer.

I guess I had a lot to say after all.

Oh oops.. Happy Birthday Chey…?

Look into My Eyes

img_6230aI am going to keep looking at Momma until she makes up for all the attention that I did not get last week. I think she should just stay home with me all day and all night and do nothing but pet me.

But she didn’t. Yesterday she even went to work when she doesn’t usually work on Mondays. But she was covering for her office mate.

I do not know about all this acupuncture stuff. It’s supposed to be good but it is just taking Momma away from me. And I do not like that.

If you look at me, Momma, how can you ever leave me?

Gemini Flips Over Ping

img_6056aOh you all know I think Ping is the most handsomest of cats. And look! I am flipping.

Actually this is my trick. My Dad, when he was just an Almost Dad taught me to flip when I was a tiny kitten. He taught me to stretch out when he held me on my back and then he would raise me almost upside down and then I would leap over and land on my feet.

Sometimes he flips me from very high, but Momma doesn’t like it because she is afraid it will hurt my toes.

I like it best when he has me bounce on the bed. I am the only cat that flips. Cheysuli won’t let him hold her (in fact she does not like to let him touch her) and Momma said Georgia was too old and didn’t need to learn to flip and now, well, she is confused about which way is up when she is just lying there now…

Tabby Tuesday

img_5862aOh Cheysuli has done a very nice retrospective.

I get to look forward! YEAH! Because looking forward is far more important (unless you are about to get pounced upon).

We have a new look at Chey’s main site, My Siamese.  Momma has a couple of things she needs to tweak but mostly it is done and we will keep products in there and information about Siamese cat care.   Momma really wants to get a link up to the Skeezy Keds she got for Christmas!

We will be having a new look AND NAME!!! for Chey’s Place coming up soon. That still needs the same tweaks as the other site but Momma doesn’t quite have it up yet.

I think I am going to keep an eye on Momma as she does all of this now..

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