Cheysuli Running Again?

Cheysuli, the socialist head of the group Critters for Total World Domination, is contemplating a run for the Republican nomination.  Given that she is for universal healthcare and breaking up the military industrial complex, we asked Cheysuli why she thought she could get such a nomination.  “Ike was for those things,” Chey replied, referring to Dwight D. Eisenhower who was president in the last century and a Republican.

Chey points out that like Lincoln, another famous Republican she is also against slavery.

She does favor raising taxes, the right of a woman to chose and marriage equality.  Further, rather than worshiping in a Christian Church, Chey worships at a mirror, purported to be, by a source named only as Mao (not like Chairman), a very LARGE mirror.  Chey answers these concerns by saying, “Well I’m not Mitt Romney.”

Why I Blog For Peace

I blog for Peace for many reasons.   The Woman is willing to sit down and type and I can snooze on her nap (which is very peaceful) is the first.

Philosophically I think the world is like a can of cat food.  You open up the can and there is all this stuff, chicken and chicken livers and salmon and stuff and it’s all mixed together. If you try and just eat the salmon, you can’t.  You also get chicken.   Imagine if the salmon in the can wanted to make war on the chicken.  It just wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t find the pure chicken–there would always be salmon

The World is like that.  We are all connected and mixed up just like my chicken and chicken liver and salmon pate dinner.   Cats and people and dogs and buns and people who butter bread on the one side and people who butter bread on the other are all connected and sort of alike in that we are all in this can together.   While we may not agree on who put us there, only we can make life in the cat food can harmonious.  And that is one reason I blog for Peace–even when the Woman can’t post an original photo.

Why do you blog for peace? Check out Mimi’s responses.

I Made It!

So I wanted you all to know I made it over it here and give you all something to read while you’re here.  Lots of cats are a bit worried that they might find us too high brow.  I’d like to look back at one of the posts we feel was one of our best and find a way to work in this type of post into the new blog.

Remember Feature Friday?  This predated Find Chey Fridays.  This was from January 2008.  The Vermont primary had just finished with Hilary Clinton out front.  Commentators were busy wondering if she won this primary because of some tears that were shed at a campaign speech shortly before the primary…

From the AP

Hillary Clinton may have garnered support with her spontaneous show of tears, but Critters for Total World Domination Candidate Cheysuli has taken this spontaneity one step farther. After a sumptuous feast on the campaign trail, Cheysuli stepped out to talk. Right in the middle of the speech, during a pause as the applause died down, the listeners heard “fffffffffssssssstttttt” and then were exposed to a noxious smell.

Read More

Ah those were the days on the campaign trail, working hard, pooting, talking politics and eating ham, though now I prefer fishy flakes.  Imagine campaign trail fishy flakes…






Wednesday Words With Cheysuli

Chey is pulling on string. What is your caption?It is important in life to lead your humans where you want to go.  In this case, it takes a leash.  You will find some humans are more easily led.  I believe these folks are much more highly evolved and have the chance of becoming a cat in their next life.  Others, like the Male, are poorly evolved and need a lot more assertive leading.  Do not be afraid to let them know what you need. Only by their loving service and compassion for you can they ever hope to reach enlightenment rather than just the television remote.

Insist upon their understanding. Insist upon your feedings and most of all, remind them that they are better for adopting you!

Boxing Day and Thankful Thursday

It’s International Boxing Day and I’m not sure boxes need their own day as every day should be boxing day. You may wonder why I am not in mine, but it’s full of stuff and I’m not supposed to be and I am too smart to crawl in while the cameras on are.  I have learned how to avoid scandal.  For now.   If you think I’m excited, well it’s because my religion has made Huffington Post. I would love it if you would vote and say you are ready to sign up for Meowism!   This link should take you to the site and Meowism but sometimes it goes one later or earlier.

As you know, of course, the best way to train humans is to reward them.  We really like what Max’s person is doing for other humans by walking.  Now we want her back and focusing on Max and having plenty of green papers to buy lots of real live dead shrimp.   To this end, I have decided that the Woman will donate $.50 to the cause for every newsletter sign up we have by July 4.   Now you should only sign up once otherwise you’ll get more than one newsletter.   We will cap this at $50.00.   Additionally we will add that to any money we get from our Zazzle store at the end of July.

To re-iterate–you have until July 4 to sign up for the newsletter (it comes out once a month and shouldn’t be too annoying) and we’ll donate $.50 for each unique sign up (including those cats who have already signed up).   Use the box in the sidebar.

Also, if you like something in our Zazzle shop, we will be checking back on July 31 to see how much money was made and will add that to the amount we gathered from newsletter sign ups.

Some of you had some trouble signing up for the newsletter so we have gone to a link rather than a form and that seems to work better for us.  We got a couple of signups even from those who thought it didn’t work. We’ll go make sure you aren’t on there several times!   And we may have to extend our deadline!

Meezer Colors Wednesday

Well this isn’t a new photo but it does show off my Meezer colors day.   If the Woman were good I’d have a new photo but I think this does show off my eyes!

Check out other Meezer Color Cats.

Now, I hate to do this and I hope that Max appreciates what I am doing for his person because these are Ichiro designs at one of our Zazzle shops. All proceeds to use will be donated to his person’s Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk fund.   Check it out and see if you like anything (there is another design).  Keep and eye on it–this is our charity shop and the Woman keeps thinking she’ll make more designs but she’s very slow!

Cheysuli Tagged As Potential Supreme Court Justice

img_5593aFormer Candidate Cheysuli’s name has come up as one of the names on the short list for the Supreme Court Justice to replace David Souter who is said to be retiring soon.

While there was controversy in the presidential election about Cheysuli due to her species and her age and even potentially her birth place, the Supreme Court has no such requirements. Anyone can be a justice if they are appointed and pass muster with Congress.

Popular with the democratic Senators, Cheysuli should have few problems in passing the Senate should President Obama actually nominate her. However, detractors suggest that Obama wants someone with real world experience and probably some law background. “Cheysuli has no real world experience whatsoever. She lives in a fantasy world. Cats can’t really be president,” stated an unnamed skeptic.

We shall have to wait and see.

Cheysuli: Forced to Live in Slave Like Conditions

img_6027aReporters camped outside Cheysuli’s home realized that the former candidate is subject to slave like conditions. Their mikes picked up the following: (be aware the content is shocking to sensitive cats.)

“Chey. Smell my foot,” says a male voice.

“Chey you do whatever you want to do,” a female voice.

“Go on smell my foot,” the male voice again.

“See she smelled my foot. She likes it,” the male voice yet again.

“She’s just humoring you so you leave her alone. How would you like a foot waved in your face 15 times a day?” a female voice.

Our reporters are looking into Siamese abuse by the person with the male voice but are unsure what kind of charges may be brought.

Thankful Thursday

Hey, Leave us Alone!!!So it’s Thursday again. I am very thankful to have someone to cuddle with. Although Georgia was always sort of Gemini’s favorite cat, I am the one who follows her around when I am not sitting on my human. I am a very social cat.

Sometimes Gemini snoozes with us and sometimes not.

But I have to be thankful for down time after all the work I have been doing.  I am sure the press will be after me again soon!

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Today’s Meezer Rule:When you need to update the blog–make sure the human does it right.

First, the Woman had to go read her blogs (yawn). She found out that some themes that you download have icky stuff in the footer and of course this happened on mine. She tried to remove it but it messed up the whole theme (sigh).

So she put up an old theme from before and went to work.

THEN she found a newer theme that she kind of liked and decided to edit that, but before she went to through the work, she decided to upgrade to WordPress 2.5. This went surprisingly well (Yes Gandalf and Grayson, no problems) except that for some reason we had to approve all our comments rather than have them auto approved except for notification.

So for an afternoon all of you who thought that your comments weren’t showing, well yes they were. They were just waiting to be approved. Sigh.

Finally I think we have this fixed. My human. She can not do anything without supervision.

Oh and I hear Zoolatry has a wonderful post today…!

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