Why I Blog For Peace

I blog for Peace for many reasons.   The Woman is willing to sit down and type and I can snooze on her nap (which is very peaceful) is the first.

Philosophically I think the world is like a can of cat food.  You open up the can and there is all this stuff, chicken and chicken livers and salmon and stuff and it’s all mixed together. If you try and just eat the salmon, you can’t.  You also get chicken.   Imagine if the salmon in the can wanted to make war on the chicken.  It just wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t find the pure chicken–there would always be salmon

The World is like that.  We are all connected and mixed up just like my chicken and chicken liver and salmon pate dinner.   Cats and people and dogs and buns and people who butter bread on the one side and people who butter bread on the other are all connected and sort of alike in that we are all in this can together.   While we may not agree on who put us there, only we can make life in the cat food can harmonious.  And that is one reason I blog for Peace–even when the Woman can’t post an original photo.

Why do you blog for peace? Check out Mimi’s responses.

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