I Made It!

So I wanted you all to know I made it over it here and give you all something to read while you’re here.  Lots of cats are a bit worried that they might find us too high brow.  I’d like to look back at one of the posts we feel was one of our best and find a way to work in this type of post into the new blog.

Remember Feature Friday?  This predated Find Chey Fridays.  This was from January 2008.  The Vermont primary had just finished with Hilary Clinton out front.  Commentators were busy wondering if she won this primary because of some tears that were shed at a campaign speech shortly before the primary…

From the AP

Hillary Clinton may have garnered support with her spontaneous show of tears, but Critters for Total World Domination Candidate Cheysuli has taken this spontaneity one step farther. After a sumptuous feast on the campaign trail, Cheysuli stepped out to talk. Right in the middle of the speech, during a pause as the applause died down, the listeners heard “fffffffffssssssstttttt” and then were exposed to a noxious smell.

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Ah those were the days on the campaign trail, working hard, pooting, talking politics and eating ham, though now I prefer fishy flakes.  Imagine campaign trail fishy flakes…






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