Ann from Zoolatry lost her beloved husband yesterday.  We loved his blog, Cat in the Bag.  Politically we were frequently on the same page.  The cartoons and images he found to post were delightful.  It was one of the blogs we looked forward to  each morning. He would have four or five or even on Caturday perhaps six or seven images posted.   Always a quick look and once we surprised him by knowing that the guess the location picture was Leavenworth Washington.  He didn’t expect that one to be an easy one.

I wonder how many people we touch like that.  We’ve never met him but his passing leaves a tiny gap in our life–so tiny compared to Ann’s huge loss.  He had several regulars who made comments and those like us who just scrolled through and maybe made a note or commented sparingly. We wonder how many other lives he touched.   We wish we could touch lives like that.

Vic, may the Gods speed you on your journey to better places and comfort those you have left behind-

December 27, 1947 to September 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Award

We’d like to thank Georgia, Tillie, and friends for this award. I am so thrilled to have gotten it!   And I can’t believe the Woman almost forgot to post it today on Thankful Thursday when everyone is supposed to be thankful.

Liebster” means dear, dearest, favorite or beloved in German.  The requirements of receiving the award are to link back to who gave it to you, paste the Award on your blog, then choose 5 of your favorite blogs to pass the award on to that are up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers, let them know by leaving a comment on their blog and hope that the 5 blogs chosen will keep on spreading the love by passing the award on to 5 more blogs.
We think that most of our friends have gotten it already and those who haven’t have more than 200 followers!  But just in case, we’ll say

For Our Friend Lando

You were such an icon around the cat blogosphere.  You were the reason the Woman had fantasy’s of adopting a bun.  We can’t believe you are gone.

If you haven’t offered DKM your thoughts, please go visit.


Dona Nobis Pacem

Blog Blast For Peace 2012I interrupt my regularly scheduled Find Chey Friday to bring you peace on earth and goodwill  in the blogosphere.  For those who can’t read on the photo, the quotation is thus:

I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.–Dwight D. Eisenhower

We are proving that each time we cover the blogosphere in peace globes.  Each year we get more participants and each year more thoughtful posts.  There are more and more people thinking about peace, thinking about a world of peace and thinking about how peace can be achieved than ever before.   I see this movement by the people and someday our governments will have to listen.  Governments are made up of people too.

I am going off to have a peaceful nap.  Maybe someday you’ll join me.

Dona Nobis Pacem.  Thank you Mimi.




Good Bye Miss Peach

We were very sorry to hear about our friend Miss Peach.

In her honor our Woman is going to wear the necklace that we won from Misses Peach not long ago.  And maybe have some peach tea.


Oh My! Oh My!  I’m on Huffington Post!!! Go vote for me on Meowism!!! I can’t believe it!  It’s under Meowism and there is a photo of two Siamese cats!   Oh joy!!!

Sweet Praline

While not unexpected, our hearts are heavy about Sweet Praline and the blogosphere is just a little bit less bright now that she is not in it.

And there is just nothing more to say. If you knew Praline you know, if you did not, you missed a wonderful cat

Good Bye Dear Mickey

Mickey was one of our first friends in the Cat Blogosphere. I don’t remember when we started following him but it was early on in our blogging career.  He will be missed.

Awesome Blogger Award

I was award this award from an equally Awesome blogger named Simba! Thank you very much.  I am supposed to write 7 things about myself, nominate 15 blogs to receive the award, and notify them about the award.

7 things about me? Really?

1. I will be 9 years old in March

2. I love to sleep in front of the heat dish that the Woman has.  Baring that I sit next to the regular heater.

3. I have only a few teeth left as most have been pulled.

4.   Before the Woman adopted me, I had three litters of purebred kittens at the breeders.

5. The Woman actually saw one of my kits before she adopted me–she admired him in a show.

6.  I have never been shown, although I am show quality.   My tail was broken as a kitten and it set with a kink which is a flaw for show Siamese.

7.  Gemini is the same age as the last of my kits.

Now for 15 bloggers… 15 REALLY?

So let’s start out with

Igmu, Nels, Nitro and Edmund

Jeter Harris

Cory, Ellie, Nigel, Grete, Jonsie, Ginger, Bennette, Madison, Ceclia and Figaro

and I am counting each cat separately… so I think Cory will really have to get her human in shape!!! HE HE HE.  And well I’m too lazy to name 15 bloggers randomly because I think you are all awesome!


Honoring Survivors, Remembering Those Who Did Not

Milo and Alfie have had a great push for LiveStrong and to go yellow.   Today the people who belong to our friends Diva Kitty, Max, Jeter and Skeezix are out walking for breast cancer and we should promote them by wearing pink.

So I refuse the colors and want to remember those for whom a cure wasn’t soon enough.   My grandfather, the Woman’s father died of stomach cancer.   The Woman’s dear friend and the best veterinary technician ever died of skin cancer (though she too was a survivor for it was 7 years after her class 4 diagnosis back in the 5 class diagnosis era).  Of course, our friend Storm died of cancer, and Fat Eric and  Sniffie, both of whom left us so recently.  The Woman lost both her Pookie Cat and her beloved  Oscar Grey to lymphosarcoma as well.

We honor those who live with cancer.  We honor Milo and Alfie’s person.  We honor Zoolatry’s Papa. We honor the Woman’s aunt who is a cancer survivor.  We honor the patients who have walked through the Woman’s office with grace and humor and who have walked their own walks.

A few years ago the Woman did the Susan G. Koman walk in Portland.   She was walking with a group of friends.  She and another friend had an aunt with the same name.  The Woman walked with her sign that said in honor of.   Her friend walked with the sign that said In Memory of.  As a third friend said, standing with them, what a difference a word makes.

We honor those who are walking today in San Francisco and those who are choosing to honor those Survivors by going yellow. You’ll excuse me if I don’t go all colors–I just couldn’t get yellow and pink to match with my blue eyes…

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