Meezer Monday–The Book of Ichiro Chapter 3

So there I was, waiting for Mom to put up my post for Monday but she wasn’t around.   “Chey,” I said, “Do you think that it is okay of Mom to be so late before putting up my post?  I mean isn’t she supposed to serve me?”

“So long as she serves me first,” Chey said.

“Yeah, but she’s not around at all!” I said.

Chey nodded.

“So isn’t that like wrong.”

“Indeed it is,” Chey replied.

“So what do we do about it?”

“We have to forgive her.”

I nodded and then asked, “Why?”

“Because.   If we don’t, we won’t get fed.”

Well now that had my attention.   “What do you mean we wouldn’t get fed?”

“While she is there to worship us, if she fails we can’t just kick her out or we don’t get fed.  So we must forgive her.  That is our burden to bear,” Chey said.

“Wow.  That is like one BIG BURDEN,” I said.

“And so it is,” Chey replied

The Book of Ichiro, Chapter 2

So I have learned that I can pretty much do what I want so long as it involves the humans and not Cheysuli.  I guess that Meowism does not allow cats to jump on her head even if it is in their nature.  She says that sometimes we have to curb our nature for the greater good.   Personally, I think that she should curb her nature and let me jump on her head for the greater good.

“Ichiro,” she said, “No one is helped by you jumping on my head so it can’t be for the greater good.”

So I will try and curb that.   But what if I fail, I asked?

Chey told me that it doesn’t matter because I will still be loved and a wonderful at who should tell the world about Meowism anyway.     It is better to have lived well and failed sometimes than to never try at all.   And I said that’s cool because now I’m going to try and get some food from the refrigerator but first I have to kill this string.   There’s no hurry in Meowism–it’s all about the NOW.

The Book Of Ichiro, Chapter 1

So I said to Cheysuli, why should I worship you?

And Chey said, “You don’t have to.  You’re a cat.  Pets don’t have to worship me.  They are too busy being worshipped by their owners.   I just want to be remembered as the one who reminds them to worship their pets.”

So I said, that’s cool.  So how come it’s like a religion?  Don’t you fight for souls or something?

And Chey said, “Well you know, lots of Gods do.   But Bast and I decided it’s not really what the humans believe but how they act.   We don’t want to get involved in all those human soul wars.  After all, what would we WANT with a bunch of human souls?!  No, we think they can keep their own beliefs so long as they are kind to those who are most vulnerable.”

So any way I still think that’s like way cool.   And all.  But I kind of like to fight so I asked about that and Chey told me that it’s okay to fight if I’m a cat because like that’s my nature and I’m not mad about stuff and things.   And it’s okay to defend myself if I like get attacked and stuff so I think that’s all cool too.

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