Words With Cheysuli

To my fellow cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, buns, humans and anything else reading my blog,

I make this announcement with great joy in my heart. Finally Bast has answered my call.  No longer just the Right Paw of Bast, I get to serve her in the highest way by founding Meowism.     I am certain this religion shall spread far and wide and in the next incarnation of Civilization I expect that I shall see a cat shaped icon for that religion.   It is this pinnacle of success that I work for.

Meowism is not a religion for cats.  Rather it is a religion by me (Cheystianity and the Church of Cheysuli and the Catterday Saints considered too offensive by some) for everyone.   The basic tenant of our faith is that humans are there to serve us, all pet type creatures (whether we be pets or not).    I shall be using my blog time to speak out about what this religion is about and how you can get your human right with Bast to save their immortal soul by serving you.  You know that pets are next to Godliness.

To this in mind, July will be learn Meowism Month. In August we will allow guest posts for any cats who wish to become official missionaries to the cause.  I should like to see your work.   If the Woman is good we may even have a prize for those who are chosen as my inner circle followers.    But first I must whip her into shape.

We are however offering a great prize to our friend Max’s human who is walking way to much as I hear she is not only walking for San Francisco but in Atlanta as well.   I’ll be talking more about it on Thankful Thursday as we are thankful she is walking and we want this to make her thankful too!   Remember to check out our Zazzle shop if you are thinking of helping out.  We’ll be sending off any proceeds at the end of July.

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