Sunday Guest Star: The Poupounette Gang

P5140271Well this was a hard one. I thought it might be easier as I was running around on the Woman’s drive to Las Vegas and she stopped in Salt Lake City. The Poupounette Gang finally found me there saying, “Your hints seem to point at some place in the vicinity of the Great Salt Lake, but where and what?” And that would have made me happy! But they went further and found me at, “SALTAIR!!!!!!”

And I think they were right. I think because there was no sign. It was just a cool looking building on the Salt Lake! But it does look as if it could be a great party place (and Cory is bringing snacks).

Iza, Ayla and Marley were doing the best before that. They said, “You are THERE!” And yes, I was there. Really. And getting wet in all that rain (but at least it wasn’t snow). 

I bet it was the Beebs who found me. Doesn’t it look like a place Houbibi would hang out?

As for Waffles leaving Katie’s Smarty Pants in Las Vegas… well I have no words.


Find Chey Friday #260

IMG_4391What an interesting place to hang out in the rain. Now if it stops, I wonder how I’ll get home?

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.


Find Chey Friday #259

photoNice day. I could just relax in this sunshine. Now if only I knew where I was. Maybe I’d do some visiting or something…

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Find Chey Friday #258

easyNow this is interesting… I bet someone will find me here! I hope. Um… Hello? Anyone? Cause if you don’t find me, how can I have a Happy Easter with you all?

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.

Find Chey Friday #257

bearWell now what’s that? I don’t think that’s a fish. But how do I get out of here before he gets too hungry? Not that I’d be much of a meal.


Find Full Find Chey Rules here.


Find Chey Friday #256

IMG_3214Well the last couple of weeks have been tough ones. But here I should be able to find a travel guide to get me home. Now.. if only I could find maps and travel guides…

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.


Find Chey Friday #255

oldWhat is going on here? Is that a duck? Can someone please get me out of here, even if did have a warmer winter than Minneapolis, I’d still like to get home or someplace normal…

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.


Find Chey Friday #254

FishyWell, now I wonder where I am. I can breathe so I’m not under sea… but I really hope that glass doesn’t break. At least not over me. Cause if it broke somewhere else, I think I see dinner…

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.


Find Chey Friday #253

unnamedThis guy looks thoughtful. Perhaps he can help. Of course, if he doesn’t want to be interrupted, I’ll have to find someone else. Do you know where I am?

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.


Find Chey Friday #252

unnamedWell at least if no one finds me, I can write home…

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.


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