Find Chey Friday #280


Hey! Hey you! Can you tell me which way? I mean what is that you are pointing at? Oh dear. Where am I now?

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Find Chey Friday #279

unnamedWell this is an interesting place. But it seems a bit chilly here. I could really use a find. I don’t have long fur like some other cats. Can anyone help?

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Find Chey Friday #278

IMG_4614Hmm… This could be dangerous. I’d hate to run the wrong way and get eaten by that dinosaur. Help! Get me out of here!

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Happy Halloween Find Us All

HalloweenI am so not going to a cemetery on Halloween alone. Just in case this is too scary. But I would like to get home!

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Find Chey Friday #276


Looks like a nice day here. But it’s not home. I wish I knew where I was so I could be sure of getting some cat food before I have to leave!

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Find Chey Friday #274

F12Yeah, okay I’m lost. Again. I sure hope someone can help find me. Sometimes I hate having no sense of direction…

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Find Chey Friday #273

WP_000022Did you miss me? Two weeks ago my humans were out of town. Then the Male lost his job on Thursday and the Woman totally forgot about Find Chey until late. So now, I’m back.

And where the heck am I? Can you help?

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Find Chey Friday #272

unnamedWell I wonder where I can go from here? Hmm… Anyone? Any help?

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Find Chey Friday #271

flynnThis is an amazing place. What do you think? But I have to get back to Sparkle’s blog so I can comment for her memorial. There’s a donation happening. Have you commented in her memory? Now can you help me get there? Like where am I?

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Find Chey With Friends: In Memory of Sparkle Cat

10389148_10152195133741150_2235987987211335138_nYesterday, as most of the blogosphere knows, we lost Sparkle Cat. And everyone has great memories of her. I do too. I’m going to miss her but not as much as her family will.

It reminds me how much we appreciate each and every one of our friends. All of you are special in some way. The woman always wanted a hundred cats as a child and you have all allowed her to exceed that dream. And I don’t even have to live with all 100 (plus) of you. Unfortunately, it means we also lose friends as well and that’s hard.

Sparkle was a dear friend and as each one leaves it takes a piece of our heart. Maybe that’s why the Woman finds it harder and harder to blog. She likes the community but it’s so hard to lose the ones we love.

If you want to read many more tributes to Sparkle, Katie and Waffles have a link up for all those who are paying her tribute today.

So today, as I remember Sparkle. I will be spending time with some friends. And as it’s Friday, I’ll feature anyone who knows where I am and who I’m spending the day with on Sunday.


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