Dogness was a fun romp making a dog into the Loch Ness Monster.  Is it a dog or a sea serpent?  It’s fun and colorful!

Also available at our Zazzle shop as:

Pitcher from $22.95

A Mug from $17.95

Water Bottle from $27.95

Gingerbread Man Holiday Card

Gingerbread Man Acupuncture Card

Great Gingerbread man holiday cards!  Fun and playful for anyone–not just your acupuncturist.

Sit Stay Heal

Sit Stay Heal

Lovely little sentiment as this puppy is waiting to heal with needles in him.

Also available at our Zazzle store as:

Pet shirt starting at $18.95

T-shirts starting at $18.95

Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat with Needles image

Colorful card for acupuncturists who want to remind patients that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Also available at our Zazzle store:

Address Labels starting at $2.55/sheet of 30le store:

Magnet's Starting at $2.95

Little Needles, Big Medicine Cards


 Elephant with needle acupuncture card

Can elephants use acupuncture too?  I bet they can.

Also available at our Zazzle store as

T-shirts starting at $20.10

Mugs starting at $13.95

Colorful Parrot


Also find our lovely colorful parrot in these gift items at our Zazzle Shop:

Gift box starting at $19.95arrot on these gifts from our Zazzle Shop:

T-shirts starting at: $21.15

Siamese Holiday Card

Wish someone a very happy holiday with this cute little kitten who is getting in his gifts a bit early.

Black Tie Kitten

You got love that cutie, don’t you?   This design available here on cards and prints and in cards on our Zazzle shop.

Blue Eyed Siamese


Stunning as always.  This can be purchased here in prints or cards or in cards at a our Zazzle shop.

Mysterious Siamese


I know you know who that is and there she is looking mysterious!  This is only available on cards and prints here and on cards at our Zazzle shop.

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