A Wider View Stock Photo

A Wider View

Alaska, travel, landscape, lake, mountains

The Lake in Frame

Landscape Framed, down the lake

Alaska, landscape, lake, mountains, trees

Looking across the Lake Stock Photo

Looking across the lake Stock Photo Alaska

Alaska, landscape, mountains

Eagle In Sky Stock Photo

Eagle Stock Photo

Eagle, landscapes, Alaska, freedom

Mountains and Stream Stock Photo

Mountains over stream

Mountains, stream, landscape, Alaska

Purple Cat Dreams

Chey in profile with a bit of a twist.  She’s no longer blue and beige but purple and pink

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A Sketch of a Dog

Sketch of Dog

Sometimes other pets besides me are intriguing.  This one isn’t even a cat, but the colors are nice.  It looks like a sketch but really it’s a photograph.

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What Does Acupuncture Do?

Can you see Ichiro demonstrating what acupuncture actually does?  This comes in prints for posters and cards.

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Alaska Mountain Scene

Alaska Mountain Scene

Alaska, travel, nature in Stock Photos

Clouds Over Mountains

Clouds over Mountains

Alaska, travel, nature in Stock Photos

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