Ichiro’s Halloween

Feline Halloween


On our Zazzle shop this is called Feline Halloween and comes in a variety of Halloween items.  Here though, you all know it’s Ichiro looking at all those ghosts he always sees (no our house doesn’t really look like that–at least not to normal cats).


Ichiro Wishes You were Here


This looks a little like a postcard of ME.  But that’s okay because I quite like people.  You can ask the cat bloggers who have visited. I am the friendliest cat, when I decide I want to be.  I keep things sorted out around here.

Almost in the Garden


Look at me in the garden, being all scarified! He he he…. Gemini




Does it look a little like Chey looking at the moon?  Maybe just a bit.

This is available at our Zazzle shop as well as here!

Live Life One Litter Box at a Time

Well you can guess who this is from a very early time. In fact, this was actually his first image–how embarrassing.  But he was a cutie and a very good cat about his litter box habits.  And remember, you should take life one litter box at a time!

Also available at our Zazzle shop



Ichiro Takes on the Banana

Okay, I’m taking down the nip nanner!  Once and for all.

Clearly I have the week off to a good start!

And a very happy Birthday to little Brulee!

Purple Cat Dreams

Chey in profile with a bit of a twist.  She’s no longer blue and beige but purple and pink

Also available at our Zazzle Store as:

Kindle Case from $44.95

Water Bottle from $28.95

Notebook from $12.95

What Does Acupuncture Do?

Can you see Ichiro demonstrating what acupuncture actually does?  This comes in prints for posters and cards.

Check out our Zazzle Store for other items:


T-shirts starting at $18.95

Ready to Relax

Yes, it’s Chey, ready to relax.  And doesn’t this look like a great place to relax in?  We’d all love a massage here!  Great for massage therapists or any natural healthcare provider, or just someone who loves cats and plants.

Also available at our Zazzle store!

Ready to Relax Pillow for massage table

Pillow from $49.95

Ready to Relax Coasters

Coasters from 26.95/set of four

Ready to Relax Mug

Mug from $13.95

Ready to Relax Cap

Cap from $14.95

Apron from $19.95

Ready to Relax Tote

Tote from $20.95

Stickers from $4.95/sheet

Pet Shirt from $18.95

Key chain from $2.85

Button from $2.45

Cat in Pastel

Cat in Pastel cards and gifts

Well, you know who this is, all spring pastel colors.  We thought someone might want to see him in the spring and need those pastels.  He’s kind of cute that way isn’t he?

This is also available at our Zazzle Store as:

Cat in Pastel catfood dish on Zazzle.com

Cat Food Dish from $21.95

Cat in Pastel Mug from Zazzle.com

Mug from $15.95

Cat in Pastel Magnet from Zazzle.

Magnet from $2.85

Cat in Pastel Beverage Coaster

Coasters from $26.95

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