Ready to Relax

Yes, it’s Chey, ready to relax.  And doesn’t this look like a great place to relax in?  We’d all love a massage here!  Great for massage therapists or any natural healthcare provider, or just someone who loves cats and plants.

Also available at our Zazzle store!

Ready to Relax Pillow for massage table

Pillow from $49.95

Ready to Relax Coasters

Coasters from 26.95/set of four

Ready to Relax Mug

Mug from $13.95

Ready to Relax Cap

Cap from $14.95

Apron from $19.95

Ready to Relax Tote

Tote from $20.95

Stickers from $4.95/sheet

Pet Shirt from $18.95

Key chain from $2.85

Button from $2.45

Cat in Pastel

Cat in Pastel cards and gifts

Well, you know who this is, all spring pastel colors.  We thought someone might want to see him in the spring and need those pastels.  He’s kind of cute that way isn’t he?

This is also available at our Zazzle Store as:

Cat in Pastel catfood dish on

Cat Food Dish from $21.95

Cat in Pastel Mug from

Mug from $15.95

Cat in Pastel Magnet from Zazzle.

Magnet from $2.85

Cat in Pastel Beverage Coaster

Coasters from $26.95

Kitten in a Plant

Gemini is a plant isn't she?


This becomes all about what is what. Is Gemini becoming a plant or is a plant become Gemini?  Colors are bright and it’s an interesting thought, isn’t it?

Also available at our Zazzle Store as:

Puzzle starting at $25.95

Water bottle starting at $27.95

Keychain starting at $16.95




Dogness was a fun romp making a dog into the Loch Ness Monster.  Is it a dog or a sea serpent?  It’s fun and colorful!

Also available at our Zazzle shop as:

Pitcher from $22.95

A Mug from $17.95

Water Bottle from $27.95

Sit Stay Heal

Sit Stay Heal

Lovely little sentiment as this puppy is waiting to heal with needles in him.

Also available at our Zazzle store as:

Pet shirt starting at $18.95

T-shirts starting at $18.95

Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat with Needles image

Colorful card for acupuncturists who want to remind patients that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Also available at our Zazzle store:

Address Labels starting at $2.55/sheet of 30le store:

Magnet's Starting at $2.95

Little Needles, Big Medicine Cards


 Elephant with needle acupuncture card

Can elephants use acupuncture too?  I bet they can.

Also available at our Zazzle store as

T-shirts starting at $20.10

Mugs starting at $13.95

Alpaca Face Stock Photo

Apaca Face

Need some animal photos? What about an alpaca?

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