Author ML Buchman

ML Buchman is another one of the authors in the group that Mama knows. She knows that Allie, Maxwell, and Faraday’s mom is a big fan of his fiction! Matt writes wonderful romance fiction so we thought when we heard of this story that he would be a perfect fit for the bundle, because who doesn’t want to read about more love?

ML Buchman’s story in the Fantastic Feline Heroes Bundle is “Androcles the Christmas Lion: Betsy.”

-an Androcles Christmas story-

Betsy searches for her true Christmas wish on the ferry ride with Mama to see Santa. There isn’t much time left.

Androcles, her stuffed pet lion, wears his favorite Christmas bathrobe against the harsh Seattle winter.  He works on an idea of how he can fulfill Betsy’s wish and heal her broken family.

 Sometimes you just need to discover the right wish and  ask for help from Androcles the Christmas Lion.

Matt is one of the rare breed of men who write romance novels and his fans love him. He’s incredibly prolific and we’re impressed by his methods. But Mama said I should just post Matt’s “official” bio here.

M.L. Buchman started the first of over 50 novels and as many short stories while flying from South Korea to ride across the Australian Outback. All part of a solo around-the-world bicycle trip (a mid-life crisis on wheels) that ultimately launched his writing career. Booklist has selected his military and firefighter series(es) as 3-time “Top 10 Romance of the Year.” NPR and Barnes & Noble have named other titles “Top 5 Romance of the Year.” In 2016 he was a finalist for RWA’s RITA award. He has flown and jumped out of airplanes, can single-hand a fifty-foot sailboat, and has designed and built two houses. In between writing, he also quilts. M.L. is constantly amazed at what can be done with a degree in geophysics. He also writes: contemporary romance, thrillers, and SF. More info at:

Matt says, “While I have few cat stories, so far. I do have a knitter’s circle that runs all through my small-town Oregon romance series Eagle Cove. The Henderson’s Ranch is a land of horses and military war dogs in training.” I think you should check them all out.

The New Bundle is here!

Our Mama, who writes as Bonnie Elizabeth has just launched her first bundle at Bundle Rabbit and it’s called Fantastic Feline Heroes. It’s all about heroic cats.

What’s a bundle, you ask? We asked. We were worried she was bringing home a bundle of cats. But no, it’s a bundle of 11 short stories by different authors, sort of like an anthology but all the stories have their own covers and the authors do their own front and back matter. You download it from Bundle Rabbit or you can get it from your favorite ebook retailer.

One thing about getting it at Bundle Rabbit is that you can pick a charity to donate too, either the Blind Cat Rescue or Milo’s Sanctuary. Both are great charities filled with heroic cats. We’ll be talking more about the authors and stories in our updates over the next few days.

Moving with Cats

coverSo there I was, in a car, moving across country.  The series of blog posts I wrote for the woman about moving has been turned into a book written from her point of view. I don’t even have my name on the cover (like Gemini does now that her short story, Rescued from the Rain is a stand alone short ebook). I can’t tell you how miffed I am.

It’s a short book, about the length of a short story so it’s priced at .99 cents. She’s writing as Bonnie Elizabeth because she didn’t want to add her credentials to her name or create yet another author persona by writing without those credentials. Besides, Bonnie Elizabeth often writes about cats in her fiction. Have you all met Zari A? She’s almost as good as I am, except of course, she’s not really a cat.

If you are facing the horrifying prospect of having to move, find a box, curl up and nap. Then after your person is tired of packing, sit on them until they read Moving with Cats. It might help. It might not. Humans never listen to us about the important things.

Moving with Cats is available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and most other favorite ebook retailers.

Manly Reading Monday

Why yes, I love it when I get read to.  And I love to read. I especially love it when we read something good.  We won The Dalai Lama’s Cat by David Michie from Cat Wisdom about a month ago.  We really liked it.

First, the cat looks like me, even though she’s a girl.  However, it’s a great little story told from the cat’s viewpoint (which annoyed someone on Amazon to no end, just so you know.  She said that willing suspension of disbelief and all but no one could believe a cat had those kinds of insights.) and has some nice story illustrations on various Buddhist teachings.

For those who think they don’t want to know, it actually took Mom about three chapters to realize that these were Buddhist teaching stories told from the cat’s viewpoint and you don’t have to know Buddhism or be interested in it to enjoy the story of the cat.  This is a nice little fiction tail, er tale, to share what life might be like with His Holiness.  We highly recommend it.  For those who are more interested in Buddhism, but don’t know much about it, Michie’s other book, Buddhism for Busy People is a nice introduction to the subject.

Personally, I think you should get the book so you have a picture of a cat that looks like me.

Thursday Art Walk: Katz Tales

The person who serves, Au, Target and Guido has published several books. Target is the outspoken spokes-cat, who told us about his human, author Ellyn Whyte.  They are based in Malaysia but you can find their books on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and in the Apple Store.

The Katz Tales books are based on Ellen’s column at the Star, which is a popular Malaysian newspaper.  Target is the official supervisor of this work which chronicles the lives the cats.  Her Logomania books are based on a column called Logomania where she tracks down and explains where certain phrases come from. Target says, “‘To ride a tiger’ means that doing something that’s dangerous if you stop – like giving us treats every ten minutes and then stopping.  i mean, you’d get The Claw, right?

“Anyway, this was a Chinese proverb that was brought into English via William Scarborough’s 1875 Collected Chinese Proverbs.”

“Wushu films have also popularised Chinese tigrene proverbs. Like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” that means undiscovered or secret talents, and “Contending Dragon, Fighting Tiger” that’s a fight between two super-powers, and “Dragon’s Lake, Tiger’s Den” that’s an important but dangerous place.”

“Sometimes we write just one paragraph after a whole week’s research. But it’s fun!  And I’m absorbing all sorts of new things.  That is why my stripes are spreading.  It’s not because I’m fat like Au says.  And it’s not true that I’m about to cause a local gravitational collapse either.”

Someone sounds like they are listening to Maobert a little too much… Yes, Au, I mean you…

There is even a romance book in the list! How versatile Ellen is!

Of course, the Katz Tales are the favorite books.  Even the author admits that!  And I mean, what cat wouldn’t like a personal biographer?  I certainly need one.

At any rate, what’s next?  Target says, “We’re planning a Katz Tales book for Christmas.  Or maybe two if we can write some extra stories. And also our Logomania books will be coming out as ebooks in a few months.  We just signed the contract yesterday! At least, Mummy Cat signed and I licked the pages and put a little fang imprint on the pages so the publishers at MPH know I approve too.”

So that should be a great gift for the cat lover on your list!  And shouldn’t all humans be cat lovers?

Because Au, Target and Guido are in Malaysia, we wondered where their human sold the most books.  After all there are a lot of English speaking cat lovers around the world.  Target says, “We sell mostly at home in Malaysia.  But we’re furry excited to be going international now.  We’re on Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble and we’ve heard we’re on Apple’s iBooks too!   We can’t see though because Apple won’t let people in Malaysia see their stuff.  Not even if you write it.”

“We like the Internet because we can now buy books about cats in other countries that aren’t sold in Malaysia.  And we’re hoping catsefurrywhere in the world will now buy our books and read about us too!”

And of course, I wanted to know how I could get her to write a biography of me.  Alas, she is not into fishy flakes.  Target’s advice, “You know something strange, Your Majesty? Mummy Cat hates fish! Really, it’s true.  She says she works for cat biscuits but I’ve not seen her
eat any.  She likes Absolut vodka though.  Maybe if you offer her a case of that?

Note: We would have linked to the Apple store too but could not find the link, as the Woman had a heck of time even finding the iStore–she can find the place to sell computers and stuff but not books.

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