Call me Chey. Everyone does. I have a wonderful name, Cheysuli but it’s only used when I’m in trouble. I’m good at getting myself into trouble. Overall I’m a fine, fine chocolate point Siamese cat. I’m quite smart. I live with Gemini who is a nice little puffy cat.  I have also been saddled with Ichiro who is a little bruiser of a cat. My fondest wish is for him to disappear.

My human and I are passionate about living a natural life with wholesome, healthy food and natural remedies for illness and aging. We are art lovers and create our own artwork, but feel it’s important to share feline artwork for others.  Our off hours are spend working on websites.  My human loves tinkering with that sort of work and is happy to help out other bloggers with her knowledge.  She has an entire page devoted to this.

We offer advertising.  We do have affiliate links on our site, but we try to make sure you know if we have actually tried the item in the link. If we don’t say we have, we haven’t.  Please be careful and let us know your experiences.  We need to earn a living, but we want our readers to have a good experience with our advertisers and sponsors.

If you want to know more about me, you can check my likes and dislikes on my home page.  I have my own store too!

Check out my Catster page!   You can find me on twitter as cocomeezer.   I also have my own Facebook page!

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