Eric Kent Edstrom and Nym

Eric is another one of the writers who only has dogs right now. Apparently Lucky is a rather active dog and a cat isn’t likely to be happy in the household right now. Before Lucky, there was a cat named Nym. How can you not love that name?

Eric says, “Sweet, patient, friendly, and an excellent mouser. He was small and soft, so we coined a new term in the house: smoft.  A word still in use in our family.”

I like that word, “smoft”. I am smoft! I didn’t know that, but I like it!

As you can see in the second photo, Nym clearly had cat TV too! And he liked it.

Eric’s story in the Fantastic Feline Heroes Bundle is Thief of Sparks.  It’s a real treat to get the novella that starts off the whole series, so if you love it there’s more.

Oh and here’s more Nym too.


  1. Nym looks gorgeous and I love the word soft. I bought the book Fantastic Felines Heroes Bundle and read all the stories I loved all of them.x?????

  2. I like that word smoft too. Nym looked to be a sweet boy.

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