Bonnie Elizabeth, Gemini, Ichiro, and Ham

Yep, this is us. All of us. Because that’s out Mama who wrote Poison Paw and a few other stories, but none in the Bundle.

She says we are mostly good cats, although I do not believe it of Ham. While she was gone at Superstars, he attacked me and when my dad came home he found fur and a few poops all over the bathroom. Of course, Mama says I start it because if Ham gets close to me I bop him hard on the nose. I do not know why he gets mad.

But you know all of us here anyway because we’ve been here. So just keep following us and we will let you know when Mama has another story or book out.

Oh wait–she does have a new book out but it has no cats at all! It’s a Gothic ghost story set in modern times called Ghosts from the Past. So if you’ve read and liked “Poison Paw,” in the Fantastic Feline Heroes Bundle, you might like the ghost story too. Or not.



  1. da tabbies o trout towne says

    wavez everee one….itz grate ta see ewe all again !!

    we knead ta chex out thiz book yur mom rited coz
    we R total lee in two ghost storeez round heer ~~~~

    hope her sellz a bazillion copeez N makez trillionz
    oh dollarz ta spend on ewe 😉

  2. Your all so gorgeous. Would be purrfect if you both didn’t fight. x

  3. I am sorry that Ham attacks you, Gemini. Surely your mama must be mistaken and you don’t start the trouble!

  4. sounds like the fur was really flyin. I hope things settled down

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