Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Cheeps, Gavin, and Gally


Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s cats have been on our website before. She has since lost the cats she spoke about then. Galahad, or Gally, was her muse for 15 years, helping out in her office and we’ve featured him here. She lost him not long after we lost Chey. The Bridge got some stunning cats that summer and there were many tears.

Kris and her husband Dean Wesley Smith have had a lot of cats and if you follow her on Facebook, or follow Dean’s blog, you’ll often hear about them finding a stray and taking it in or adopting another cat from a shelter.

Cheeps and Gavin as a baby

If you’re a cat lover, Kris is definitely someone to follow on Facebook to hear about her feline adventure.

Cheeps came to them and was very shy at first but he’s blossomed into a loving mancat. Gavin is the latest addition to the family and he and Cheeps have a grand time together.

Kris’ story in the Fantastic Feline Heroes Bundle is “Disaster Relief.”

Adult Gavin and Cheeps


  1. Brilliant story.x??????

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