Jamie Ferguson and Spiff

We promised cats, so we want to introduce you to Spiff, who belonged to author Jamie Ferguson. Right now, Jamie only has dogs but even looking at pictures of Spiff, she misses having a cat.

Mama said how could she not? Look at that handsome orangeness!

Jamie has a number of other stories, some of which include cats. You can find her work at her website.

Jamie’s story in Fantastic Feline Heroes is called “Gilroy and the Kitten”. Don’t miss it!




  1. Spiff is so gorgeous looking. I hope Jamie one day decides to have another feline companion. I have still yet to read the story Gilroy and the kitten. x??????

  2. Spiff is very handsome, but of course he is ginger and white so is sure to be!

  3. How you doin, Spiff.. 🙂

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