Deb Logan, Edie, and Wallace


Author Deb Logan has had cats and dogs. Edie was the cat that she has lost most recently. Isn’t she a beauty?

Wallace relaxing (he looks very good at it)

At any rate, Deb’s daughter has a cat named Wallace, a Norwegian Forest Cat. He is apparently the scourge of wild bunnies when he gets outside. He and Deb’s grandson were the inspiration for her story “On Guard”, which is in the Fantastic Feline Heroes Bundle. I mean, what grandmother isn’t inspired by their grandchildren?

At any rate, we have to say, anyone who has kids who has kids who have cats, well, they’re all right in our book. And doesn’t Wallace look like he could be the hero of that story?

Wallace in his sweater




  1. Wallace looks very smart in his Nordic sweater.

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