Brigid Collins and Brooke


Brooke is clearly a very loved cat as author Brigid Collins told us that she had a very hard time picking just one photo of her baby. I think all of us can relate! And a few people sent more than one photo because apparently they couldn’t get just one!

Brigid says, “Brooke is the sweetest cat I’ve ever had, though she doesn’t seem to realize just how spoiled she is. She’s inspired a number of feline heroes and heroines in the six years we’ve been family.”

It sounds like Brooke is doing her job well! And it sounds like Brigid is an author for cat lovers to know!

Brigid’s story in Fantastic Feline Heroes is “Claws at Hand”.  And remember, there’s the sequel in “Thorn and Thimble“, which is newly available, at a great price!


  1. Brooke is beautiful.

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