Author Liz Pierce and Allie and Jack


Author Liz Pierce has two cats to share with us. The first, pictured at the beginning of the article is Allie, who is a “mini Maine Coon” and who is nearly 19 years old. Can we say we love geezer cats?

Jack (in a box)!

Jack snoopervising Liz

She also has Jack, a Siberian who will be 6 this year. Like all boy cats, it seems one photo can’t contain him so there are two. What is it with boys?!

Liz Pierce’s story in the bundle is “Of Cats and Lost Socks”.  You’ll want to read it here! And remember, you can find all of the books Liz has written at her website LizPierceBooks.


  1. Allie is looking great for almost 19. Jack looks a sweetie too.

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