Author Dayle Dermatis

Mama says Dayle is a whole lot of fun. When she’s around there’s always a lot of laughter. And Mama really enjoys all her stories.

Dayle’s story in The Fantastic Feline Heroes Bundle is “Cecil Stalks His Prey”.  Cecil isn’t an ordinary cat.

Enhanced feline Cecil keeps his mistress’s house free of vermin and keeps his mistress’s nerves calm as she prepares to display her inventions at The Great Exhibition of London.

But when Her Majesty Victoria asks for their assistance, of course they agree.

And Cecil must put his skills to work in a unique and unexpected way.

Come and experience steampunk London through the ears and nose (and eyes) of a very special cat….

Called “one of the best writers working today” by bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith, Dayle A. Dermatis is the author or coauthor of many novels and more than a hundred short stories in multiple genres, including urban fantasy novel Ghosted.

She is a founding member of the Uncollected Anthology project, and her short fiction has been lauded in year’s best anthologies in erotica, mystery, and horror.

She lives in a book- and cat-filled historic English-style cottage in the wild greenscapes of the Pacific Northwest. In her spare time she follows Styx around the country and travels the world, which inspires her writing.

To find out where she’s wandered off to (and to get free fiction!), check out

Dayle has another cat related tale, Feline Design, that cat lovers will want to check out as well!

Dayle lives with Goose, Clara, and Max. And you’ll want to stick around to see more of them.

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