Moving with Cats

coverSo there I was, in a car, moving across country.  The series of blog posts I wrote for the woman about moving has been turned into a book written from her point of view. I don’t even have my name on the cover (like Gemini does now that her short story, Rescued from the Rain is a stand alone short ebook). I can’t tell you how miffed I am.

It’s a short book, about the length of a short story so it’s priced at .99 cents. She’s writing as Bonnie Elizabeth because she didn’t want to add her credentials to her name or create yet another author persona by writing without those credentials. Besides, Bonnie Elizabeth often writes about cats in her fiction. Have you all met Zari A? She’s almost as good as I am, except of course, she’s not really a cat.

If you are facing the horrifying prospect of having to move, find a box, curl up and nap. Then after your person is tired of packing, sit on them until they read Moving with Cats. It might help. It might not. Humans never listen to us about the important things.

Moving with Cats is available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and most other favorite ebook retailers.


  1. we will make sure to add this to our reading and suggested reading lists 🙂

  2. da tabbies o trout towne says

    waves two ewe chey & crew 🙂 ~~~…..itz GRATE ta see ya bak thiz way & we will
    tell de food servizz gurl two most shirley chex out yur new book ( pea ess…copee
    & paste….get an awesum foto oh yur self…..& copee & paste it over de cat on de
    cover !!! presto ….??

  3. How cool! My human says you need to put the word out there a whole BUNCH for both Moving with Cats and Gemini’s story. She didn’t even know the latter was out!

  4. Paws up! We’re going to put this on our reading list. The last long-distance move was before any of us kitties were born, and the head peep would have liked to have had the benefit of your experience!

  5. That is so wrong that your name is not on the front cover! Surely you should be the star. I am sure after your very long journey that the woman has lots of very good advice for others, and I hope the book is a big success.

  6. We agree that you should have been on the cover and you should be credited as co-author
    at least!
    Still, sounds like a good book.
    So does the one with Gemini.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. Moving With Cats sounds like a ‘must read’, but we don’t want our humans to move, no way. Hope they listen!!

    Mindy & Mike

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