What to Bring on Your Move

IMG_2605aWe’d like to give a shout out to Coco Coture’s owner who made the vast majority of recommendations to the long distance part of this list.

What you need for all moves (even across town):

A good solid carrier. Longer moves might require a larger carrier so you can add in a litter pan and still allow the cat a place to sleep. You may also want to add a small water dish. Further, multiple cats may travel better together so when planning a move consider that. Make sure whatever sort of carrier you have, it fits in the car or meets airline requirements and you can lift it with the available people around.

Items for longer moves (especially by car):

  • Paper towels to clean up messes
  • Baby wipes to clean up messes on the cats
  • Wet wipes to clean up messes in the car or hotel that the paper towels didn’t get
  • Garbage bags for the paper towels, baby wipes and wet wipes…
  • Medical records easily accessible or health certificate (if applicable)
  • A favorite blanket that has the smell of home.
  • Food (enough for trip plus a few days so you aren’t rushing out to get more food)
  • Paper dishes for food. This is easier than cleaning out in a hotel room and you won’t need to carry dish soap–however if you bring personal dishes, remember the soap and a towel!
  • Litter box (es). We used disposable ones so they didn’t need to be cleaned and left in the car. We also had a kitten sized one for in the carrier.
  • Kitty litter. We used Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract, just to make sure there weren’t any accidents in the hotel
  • Plastic forks for food serving. These also came in handy for the woman when she purchased food to bring into the hotel.
  • Cat treats to tempt us if we wouldn’t eat.
  • Feliway plugins for the hotel room
  • Feliway spray for in the car
  • Feliway wipes for putting into the car air conditioning vents or the defroster (we used both depending upon where we were). Thanks to the gang at A Tonk’s Tail for that one. It was invaluable.
  • An extra cat carrier in case we got sick of each other.

Of course not everything on that list applies to every move. We put the items that could be used on a shorter move towards the top.


  1. da tabbies o trout towne says

    guys…grate add vise……

    de food serviss gurl terned on sum “soothin ta catz earz” mewsic when her moved with gram paw dude…..N he sang rite a long with de mewsic…de…entire….trip…….. { guess ther choices in mewsic differ huh } 🙂

    heerz two a owens pupfish kinda week oh end xxx

  2. We say with all that, just don’t move
    `the kitties

  3. Great list! It’s hard to think of all of this stuff on the fly, so this list is great for helping get organized for a move. We’re *so* grateful we haven’t had to move in our kitty lifetimes, but the cats who came before us moved a lot.

  4. That list really does cover everything and will be a great help to anyone considering moving.

  5. When my human and I travel, we also bring pee pads to place under the litter box in the hotel rooms – in case somekitty(!) misses the box or scatters litter. Makes cleanup easier.

  6. This is so cool ! Me pin this
    Thanks a lot

    Have a great weekend

  7. Thanks for this list. Though, we hope we never hafta move a long distance. 🙂

  8. Your back on Blogger? Yay!

    We have printed yer list (an hidden it way under the bed) in case we ever move. Not likely, but ya never know…

  9. We need to use the Feliway spray and/or wipes in the car for when we go to the vet.

  10. I trqvelled an hour once by car in the PYU to attend a big dinner with lots of Beins around. What was TBT thinking? I spend all the time hiding behind a curtin. But the car travel wasn’t all that bad; I slept most of the way.

    I am told air travel is kinna dangerous. TBT has promised me we will never do that unless I travel on the set next to him… ~ MARLEY

  11. PTU

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