Hotels: Things to Watch out For

_MG_3944aSo you’re at the hotel. You have reservations. You’ve asked how many cats they take per room, right? Many only take two.

At any rate, so now you’re going in.

First the woman would always cover the carrier so we were less stressed should we see a stranger, or worse, a dog, as we went to the room.

She would plugin our Feliway difuser somewhere it was easily noticed so that she would not forget it in the morning.

Then she would examine the bed. Was the bed open underneath? If it had a box surrounding it, did the box come up to the wall. Was the box spring solid or did it offer openings that a creative cat could use to crawl under?

If the bed was not completely open but the stand the bed was on was not flush with the wall, she would stuff her paper towel rolls in between those places. If the box spring looked like it had openings, well extra bed pillows were stuffed around the edges. Even the nice blanket that was our safety net was stuffed in one area. Please be aware that certain hotels will not allow more than one or two extra pillows so use them wisely. Our “smells like home blanket” that covered our carrier did double duty plugging mattress openings once or twice.

For those open under the bed hotels, she really wishes she had taken a broom or something to force us to come out in the morning. Also, it would have been useful to persuade us to get out from behind dressers too!

We were not typically interested in behind the dresser, although at home that would have been a great place for us. We preferred the under the bed or behind the curtains. Make sure you explore those places before you let the cats out and look carefully! Some box springs may only have one small place that it is not covered underneath, which means it’s kitty fun time if you miss it.



  1. Good tips, but I’m not sure about packing a broom MOL!

  2. My human says I have a special talent for getting behind the platform beds, even when the entry holes are stuffed with pillows! Good thing treats or my favorite toys nearly always coax me out.

  3. Yes there awe all kinds of hidin’ places in motel/hotel rooms. Mommy sez yous have to push da mattwess off da box spwings and lean it against da wall and then turn da box spwings acwoss da fwame sideways fur cat wetwieval when it’s time to leave. Even us Service cats get antsy ’bout leavin’ a stwange place fur anudder stwange place. MOL Have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. There are so many things to check that I never would have thought of.

  5. Again great advice.
    Now we kitties know what to look for 😉 MOL!
    But then, so does mom…darn!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. Who would have thought to pack a broom? When the previous generation of kitties traveled with the head peep to New York, she had to stand the hotel mattress on end to flush the last kitty out from under the bed. A broom would have been really handy!

  7. da tabbies o trout towne says

    we had a friend who moved east to west and her cat found that one opening under the boxsprings…it was actually the maid who heard the cat and alerted them where he’d gone~~~

  8. TBT here: Ive been in THIS house so long that if we ever moved *I* would have to be closed in a single room a few days to adjust to the change! The only difference is that I would need a case of wine instead of Felliway…

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