Sunday Guest Star: Derby and Ducky

IMGP8929Well I thought I might be there for awhile. I was getting worried. Flynn tried but wasn’t right so we gave hints but he wasn’t able to figure them out. We think it might be because the words we used are unique to certain parts of the US.

Derby and Ducky came by and they took on the challenge and they found me! They said, “The famous ‘Iron Horse’ statue of Henry G. Davis in Elkin, WV? Guess we need to put our guess on the correct post!”

And yes, that was where I was.

Maybe it would have been better if the next time I found my toy, I sang Country Roads… “Almost heaven… West Virginia…” Are all your humans stuck with that in their heads yet? Or only the ones old enough to remember John Denver?


  1. ut oh….we’re glad you were found but now we have that earworm!!! Concats to Derby and Ducky!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. MOL, Country roads!! We nev-ver woulda guessed!

  3. God for Derby and Ducky! Yes, Mom remembers that song!

  4. Concats to Derby and Ducky! Yes, you have given mum the earworm.

  5. Dang, an my peeps were born and raised about an hour from there and they were no help at all.

  6. Yay for us, although Ducky is miffed that the picture doesn’t show his sweet face!

  7. Hurrah for Derby and Ducky!

  8. That was a pretty hard one. As we are horse-oriented, we spent some time on it but no luck. well done, Derby and Ducky!

  9. Whew!!!
    Good thing those boys came by Chey 😉
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. We have GOT to start staying up later on Thursday nights!

  11. Congrats to Derby and Ducky!

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