Find Chey Friday #276


Looks like a nice day here. But it’s not home. I wish I knew where I was so I could be sure of getting some cat food before I have to leave!

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.



  1. As always, we’re clueless, but it looks nice. If you don’t fall in that water.

  2. We’re stuck… in fact, we’re not sure we can even squeeze into our smarty pants!

  3. Oh my. This could be tougher than we thought!

  4. Oh dear! While that place does look nice, we are , as usual, clueless.
    We will ponder this a while and hope to get you home!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Chey are you in Copenhagen at the fountain at the Amaliehaven garden of the Amalienborg Palace? Bet you can find all kinds of yummy fishies to bring back home!

  6. Oh it looks like you might be found Chey, I hope so!!!

  7. WOW! That is a beautiful fountain!! We hope Laila and Minchie found you!
    Your TX furiends,
    Samantha & Mom

  8. That does look like a nice place, Chey. We just wish we knew where it is.

  9. Yes Laila and Minchie! I think you are taking over the smarty pants kingdom!

  10. Yay Laila and Minchie you found Chey. We sure are glad. Now Ping says he needs to find Miss Gemini!

  11. Well, we’re hiding our heads in shame, especially since we’re from the City of Fountains. Dang….

  12. Well done to Laila and Minchie for finding you.

  13. Yay, Laila and Minchie! We’ve been away and not blog hopping much but wanted to stop by to wish you Happy Caturday!

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