Find Chey Friday #261

WaitressNow I hope that this woman can give me a little help here. Except she doesn’t seem to be talking. Can anyone tell me where I am? Or can you at least get me some fishy flakes, Miss?

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  1. Mum!, wake up mum. We need to go find Chey. You gotta help us!

  2. Katnip Lounge says

    Bobbie’s Big Girl?

  3. Man, we tried all of Miss Smarty Pants tricks and have come up empty. Mum is falling asleep on us, so that doesn’t help.

    Hope someone finds you Chey. Won’t be us!

  4. Well she is a Big Girl, but I don’t think she belongs to Bobby! This could be a hard one!

  5. As usual, I have no idea, but that waitress scared the bejeezus out of my human!

  6. I agree with Sparkle. Whatever she’s selling we’re not buying unless it’s smartypants.

  7. We have no idea!! She sure is BIG!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. We’re with Sparkle too…that lady is scary! We hope you’re found fast. But don’t count on us to find you…we’re clueless as usual.

  9. Is that Dolly Dimples the waitress statue in Silver Creek, NY? We are *so* not coming too near her. She looks like she would hold one of us up in the air with that arm.

  10. Hey it’s Saturday! I didn’t see you yesterday when I looked.
    It is Dolly Dimples located in Silver Creek on Route 5 in western NY state, between Dunkirk and Buffalo in front of a candy store.

  11. This is our first time playing. How fun! Is that “Dolly Dimples, Giant Bobble Headed Happy Waitress, Silver Creek, NY. In front of the Valvo’s Candy Store and ‘Everything Shop'”? I wonder if her head really bobbles. What’s that in her hand? It looks like she might have a rock in her hand ready to throw at passing traffic.

  12. Huh! I thought no-one had found you and now I got beaten to it while I was looking 🙁

  13. Glad someone found you Chey. Shall we go get some fishy flakes?

  14. Why yes it is Dolly Dimples. And yes, the woman *forgot* Find Chey…

  15. I went looking for you before you were officially lost. Sigh.

  16. Glad you were found and not lost, Chey!

    The Chans

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