Guest Post:Katie’s Super-Secret-Smartypants Tips for finding Chey on Fridays

(Katie from Glogirly is offering us this great guest post on how you too can Find Chey when she’s lost!)

SmartyPantsPantsHi everyone, Katie here.

Chey invited me and my SmartyPants here to share some of my Super-Secret-Smartypants Tips for finding Chey on Friday. Now I don’t often let just ANYONE look inside my pants, but I’m making an exception today. All for the greater good of Finding Chey.

Some cats think my pants are magic or have superhero powers. Well they ARE pink, but contrary to popular opinion, they’re not REALLY magic. So get ready, because I’m going to share my…

Katie’s Top 4 Tips for Finding Chey on Friday



1. Act FAST.

Find Chey Friday usually posts at midnight EST. So for me that means I’m actually looking for Chey late on a Thursday night. Snoozers lose.



2.  Zoom in and hope for a stroke of luck.

Sometimes all it takes is a closer look at Chey’s photo to see a detail you might actually recognize. Granted this only works about 2% of the time. But when it does, you’ll feel SUPER smart.

ImageSearch3.  Make friends with Google’s Image Search.

This is a 3 step process, but often yields great results.

  1. Save Chey’s photo to your desktop by either dragging it there or right clicking on it and selecting “Save Image to Desktop.”
  2. Use any photo editing software program to quickly crop out the decorative border and as much of Chey as you can get rid of. (sorry, Chey)
  3. Go to GOOGLE IMAGES, click on the little camera button in the search bar and upload your image. Click your heels three times and then click the search button.

Google will show you a myriad of similar images. Though it can be a little like looking for a needle in a haystack, you may strike gold and find the same or a similar image.



When Chey found herself stranded with this grizzly bear, I knew I had to act fast. So I followed steps A, B & C.  As I started looking through the images Google had pulled up for me, I saw a similar photo someone took while on vacation in Alaska. She had a blog and had written that the only grizzly she saw on her trip was in the Anchorage airport. SCORE. Chey was found.



4.  When all else fails, just ASK Google.

You’d be surprised what you can find by just entering a description of what you’re looking for and clicking that little blue button.

Pick out unique details from the photo and come up with a specific description like:

  • Palm tree on pedestal outside…
  • Bronze sculpture of man sitting…
  • Wax museum with Paul Newman and Robert Redford from Sting…

You might have to try this a few times, rewording your search criteria & description before it yields the right clues.


When steps 1, 2 and 3 failed me on this crazy looking pencil building, I did just an ordinary Google search for “Giant Pencil on Storefront.” Then I narrowed my search to images and ….VOILA! I found the Wytheville Office Supply Store in Wytheville Virginia.

Good luck everyone! I hope you’ll all get comfortable in your own SmartyPants. Make sure they’re clean for the next Find Chey Friday!



Visit the hilarious, award-winning GLOGIRLY and laugh your fluffy you-know-what off.



  1. Vespa & Vincent says

    Wow, Katie!

    You are sooooo nice! We just have to stomp on the mistress. Every Thursday at 9…we have been doing that but she is easily defeated by google searches. We will try to be like you!!!!

    Many purrs thanks, V&V

  2. Actually I think Step 1 is wait and see what Katie guesses!

  3. Oh dear, we are snoozers :/
    Mom goes to bed early and will not let us on the computer.
    Dang. However, we are poor guessers,hahaha
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  4. Katie, I know you get lots of help from Glogirly on this because Cancer humans do pretty amazing detective work! I’m not doing the Cancer astrology column for a few weeks yet, but I am already thinking about it (and living it, since my human is a Cancer too) – and figuring out what’s going into it.

  5. Thanks for inviting me and my pants to guest post on your blog! I made sure my pants were clean and pressed. I hope some of my tricks …or rather tactics, help. After all, we can’t have you getting lost for good one of these Fridays!

    You are correct, Glogirly does lend a paw. But I’m still the Boss. ; ) We’re looking forward to your Cancer astrology column!

    : ) Katie

  6. haha, Brian!!!
    Does that mean you’re trying to get into my smarty–
    Oh my! Did I really say that?!
    ; ) Katie

  7. Yeah, we do that, but mum goes to sleep before midnight EST! That is our problem!

  8. @Vespa & Vincent,
    You wouldn’t believe how many times we forget that it’s Find Chey Friday! For us it’s still Thursday and sometimes Glogirly has a brain freeze and can’t figure out what day it is. Or what day it almost is.
    ; ) Katie

  9. @Georgia & Julie
    Don’t feel bad about snoozing! We’ve been know to sleep right through Find Chey Friday. So far I don’t think she’s ever been stranded for more than a day!
    ; ) Katie

  10. Thanks for the tips. We’ve used some of those, but we’re usually asleep when Chey posts, so we’re almost always too late to guess.

  11. I did not know this Chey was missing. I will look in my goathouse pronto!

  12. Thanks for the tips Katie. I usually put a description into google but never thought about google images. I will try that first in future.
    I can’t get there early because we are 5am BST when it is midnight EST so usually the earliest I can get there is 3 hours later and sometimes I forget and it is a lot later.

  13. Great tips, Katie. We are totally snoozers, too. Actually, we’re just east coasters and the head peep has to be up at a crazy hour. (She was really tickled to see blog posts actually posting while she was awake during BlogPaws, since it’s past her usual bedtime!) We always know that Chey is hiding someplace really hard if he isn’t found by the time we get to the computer in the morning!

  14. Its #3 we cant do… Plus we arent good at staying awake at midnight. EST. LC was good at that, but we arent.

  15. Hahaha we looked inside katies pants! We may try some of your tips. We are usually too stupid for this game

  16. Darn…we’re snoozers…we can’t get past step one.

  17. We’ve used the Google images search and typing in a description too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Our other problem is that we’re usually not up when it posts and don’t get here until WAY after someone found Chey!!

    The Florida Furkids

  18. We never find lovely Chey, so we needed those great tips=you really are a smartypants, Katie!…We enjoyed the fun photos too!…Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  19. Hmmm, this may help me with Sammy’s photos too. Who am I kidding? By the time, TW gets up 20 cats already have the answer.

  20. da tabbies o trout towne says

    uh…….katie….we iz still kinda waitin heer for ewe ta tell uz wear chey iz two day….

    heerz two a flounder fries & fun week oh end !!

  21. @ da tabbies
    I’m pretty sure Chey is lounging in the lap of luxury with her cat sitter. The human and the male are said to be galavanting around, having all sorts of fun WITHOUT the cats. I can’t imagine…
    ; ) Katie

  22. Katie, you are so darn smart. Those tips are great, and we’re going to practice them soon. Thanks for sharing with us.

  23. Those are some great tips! I never knew about the find Chey game before this, but I will have to try it next time 🙂

  24. Connie Marie says

    Love the pants.
    Great tips, thanks Katie, though I doubt I’d
    ever beat you!

  25. Wow! Thanks Katie!
    Fur both the great tips AND on meeting a new fun fur friend on the cat-blogger-superhighway.

  26. Chey is looking very handsome on the Cats of the CB Calendar today!

  27. June 4, Happy Calendar Cat Day to Chey.

  28. Happy Calendar Day!! You look great looking out at us today!!

    The Florida Furkids

  29. It was so great seeing you on the CB calendar all day yesterday!

    Excellent guest post by Glogirly, too!


  30. Wow! Good tips… but since we don’t catch up on our blogging until Caturday’s we will never find Chey first!

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