Talking Tabby Tuesday

Losing friends to the Rainbow Bridge isn’t the only thing that’s been going on.  There has been some other drama, which many of you caught on the Cat Blogosphere.  Mama moved around a lot as a child (not a military brat) and so understands what it feels like to be an outsider.  She feels for anyone who feels left out and forgotten as she knows what it is to be left out.  So we were sad to hear that someone felt that way in the CB.   We’ve felt that way too.  It is not anyone’s fault, really when you look back objectively. And Truffle and Brulee’s mom said something really meaningful.  Why are you blogging?  And do you still want to blog for those reasons or are there other reasons?

It’s easy to see that some blogs get lots of comments.  Some get fewer.  There are lots of reasons for that.  We have some blogs that we really like that don’t get as many comments.  Because we wanted to get more comments we used to visit everyone who posted every day in our reader.  We don’t have the time to do that any more. It’s not that we don’t like our friends, but because our lives have changed.

Some of our best friends have left the blogosphere. Some for temporary reasons, others permanently.  We miss them.  Some of these people we keep in contact with via Facebook.  Others have just gone.  We miss them.

There are always different connections.  We hate it that we often feel the outsider and left out. It is who we are.  We’re not as loud. We’re shyer. We tend to think that what we have to say isn’t as important so we don’t get involved.  In the last couple of years, we haven’t had the funds to get involved.  If we don’t bid on all the auctions, it’s because we don’t have the discretionary income to do so.   We also don’t always have things to donate.  We’ve done it in the past but our lives are different now.  Technology is different.

Why did we start blogging?  We started my blog, Gemini’s blog on blogger because Mama wanted to write every day. She always loved writing and decided she’d see if she had what it takes to write daily for awhile.  She is still doing it.  In fact, she has moved on to writing books and short stories which she hopes to self publish soon.  We have one short acupuncture book ready to go to an editor (but as she’s a new mom at Christmas she will read after the holidays).  We have a pretty final edit on one of our novels and move that onto a professional editor to get it proofed and published. We hope to have that up by March (although that timing is iffy).

As for Chey, we started her blog because the original My Siamese was an affiliate site back in the day when you could make money on affiliates.  We’ve made a few hundred dollars from that but affiliate sites are no longer really lucrative unless you’re selling bigger ticket or repeat ticket items.  We changed the focus to our art which isn’t exactly getting traction.  Maybe the cat bloggers aren’t the target.  Or maybe it just takes more time.  At any rate, Mama is more comfortable with writing.  That doesn’t mean no artwork, but it’s not a main focus.

In essence, all our reasons for blogging have changed.  We don’t intend to just stop. We have found community here even if sometimes we feel a bit on the edge.  However, we do like writing about cats and taking pictures and participating in the blogging community and not just on Facebook.  However, as we re evaluate we figure we won’t have the time to devote to this that we always did.  We’ll probably keep posting mostly regularly for awhile.  But if we slack off, we’ll it’s not cause we disappeared or anything, it’s cause we have other things. Many of you will follow that on Facebook.  Some might follow us to other blogs.  And yes, we will post those links as they become important to us.

However, I think it’s important that everyone remember that when you have a large community there will be those people who do feel left out of things.  It may not be intended personally but there are always people who end up being the focus of the group and others who feel more like hangers on.  It’s kind of like life.  For those who feel left out, there are always times when some people feel left out.  We can’t go back to being the community we were.  Community is not a static thing.  Communities are dynamic.  That means they change.  If we don’t change with it, we might find that the community is no longer for us and that’s okay.  Others will fill the space we filled and we’ll go on to fill that space elsewhere.  That’s what life is.  Change.  We hope that if we learn nothing else from the drama we can learn that and be accepting of where people are and understanding that things are not personal.

Now. I have a personal visit for my handsome Ping.


  1. Mom started my blog because she wanted to document our lives and all the cute and adorabe things we do. We had no expectations of anything beyond a personal place to post our photos. Discovering the CB was a surprise…a wonderful surprise. I think maybe because mom had no expectations it’s all good as far as she is concerned and the friendships found have been a treasure. We are always very sad when there is the occasional upset or fight…those have happened from time to time. This has been an exceptionally tough year with many beloved cats going to The Bridge…but what we couldn’t imagine is the loss of humans, 1 last year and 3 now this year. We need to be kind to one another. We are still grieving.


    Cory and family

  2. Very wise words, Miss Gemini.

  3. My human has always been something of an outsider. In fact, I am way more popular than she is! But long ago she learned not to take things personally because… things generally are not meant personally. Even if something upsets her, she takes a couple days to release some steam and then gets back to business. My human and I have always wanted to do bigger things with my blog. She just had no idea that I was going to overshadow other aspects of her writing, like her fitness stuff, which nobody talks about anymore!

  4. Very VERY wise words!! Thank you x

  5. Excellent post.

    I started to blog for the cats for the same reason Cory’s human did, and had no expectations, still don’t. I wasn’t part of the “in” crowd as a child and definitely am not now, either, even at almost 50. So being on the fringes doesn’t really bother me.

    What I do know is that if you want to be *part* of a community, you have to get out there and visit/comment regularly, because being a part of a group is a two-way street: receiving AND giving. One can’t expect to garner support and attention if one doesn’t give it first. Just my $0.02 and NOT making reference to any individuals in the CB at all–it’s a general comment.

    What I have found is that my interests are shifting. I can’t keep up anymore, there are so many blogs. And it’s not because I don’t care, but because I have other things in my daily life, like (knock on wood) a full time job, the cats, all the house and life stuff to juggle on my own, etc.

    I haven’t decided if I want to keep the blog going into the new year…If I do, I think my two or three posts per week will dwindle.

    But you’re correct–communities aren’t static. Blogs come and go and for every one that ceases, it seems five or ten take its place these days.

    As someone who does this just for fun, not for any business purposes, that’s fine. That is, no one truly would miss Fuzzy Tales and that’s perfectly okay–I know this. Again, it’s the lack of expectation.

    It’s different when you’re marketing a product–then you really do have to put yourself out there and become widely known.

    I’ve totally lost what I wanted to say, which is typical for me. LOL. 🙂

  6. So very well put. Things are always going to change. We had great intentions of posting and commenting and visiting everyone as often as possible. And then life got in the way. But mom started blogging to keep a record of us and our fosters….and will keep doing that. It is great to get comments and know people are reading – but if we touch one person with one story and make a minor difference, that is ok with us. We can’t change the world or affect every person – just be ourselves and go with it. 🙂

  7. Well said sweet Gemini. We try to visit lots of bloggers every day, but some days we don’t make it. We know what it is like to be new and on the outside and I really like to encourage others to share their critters and their talent.

  8. ((Gemini))
    Momma started blogging as she has often told the story just to document our lives. When she started there were so few Cat Bloggers you could visit everyone in an hour! (Think about that!! MOL) Now that many years have passed since she started she has seen lots of changes, some very good, and some bad and obviously many very sad. We never even considered the fact that we would lose furfriends or even human friends. But it has happened, more and more often it seems. Like everything thing else time ages us, and especially us kitties have a shorter lifespan than our human counterparts.
    As far as feeling left out, well, we never set out to be popular, although we love have feedback and enjoy everyone who visits, because we have been very fortunate that everyone has been very kind to us. We will never be popular and like so many have mentioned above we just don’t have time. Our Daddy needs extra care now and Momma has had to take on more responsibilities. We didn’t know anyone was feeling ‘left out” and we are sorry that they do, this is what you make of it. If you want it lighthearted and fun then it is, unless there is a loss and then well that’s a part of life too.
    We try to visit all the kitties that visit us and it’s not as many as most so we can generally keep up. WE do try and meet new Cat bloggers but so far we seem pretty much to keep with the same group.
    We also have found that sometimes humans get their feelings hurt by virtue of unintended consequences. It’s tough sometimes with social media things can be said that are not meant to be hurtful but are. We try very hard to keep our message positive and still be true to ourselves.
    We miss those that we have become close to when they chose to leave and all we would ever ask is that they let us know.
    Sorry this is so long!

  9. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    this bee a veree troo post gemini….we dunno bout de drama N dont wanna noe ….but frank lee when we leeved another site we wuz on….. ….N headed ta blog land… we wuz kinda scared …… like peepuls getz when they iz new ta de naybor hood….but then we said ta R selves…hay…..if ya reed R stuffz OK, if ya dont; that bee OK two…stuffs happen, peepuls get buzee and even tho ya can make lots oh friends heer; ultimately it IZ a virtual werld…..knot reel life…..N de one thing that trooly matters at de end oh de day iz: we haza home, a food service purrson….N we bee loved……

    enjoy yur date with ping

    peace out N rock on !

  10. We started blogging with the intent of documenting our lives and as an outlet for Daddy’s photography. Things have changed and now Mommy does the photos as well as the writing. Mommy had been lurking for years and we wanted to be part of the CB community. Mommy is a loner so e-pals work very well for her. She requires a lot of solitary time to maintain her well-being, face-to-face is sometimes more than she can handle. We have made, lost and dumped pals over the years, it’s life, in a microcosm.
    We can’t always comment on every blog every day, but we do make the rounds to read what’s going on with our friends. AND, we enjoy your comments! Dry and witty, just how we like ’em.

  11. Normally I am up at 5AM and leave for work at 6. I return home at 6 PM.I often visit a few blogs before leaving.
    When I read your blog today,I new I would not be able to respond until I came home from work. What a thought provoking post. I did not know about the drama,checked it out and will not address it. We agree with your comments. Things and people do change and life changes us. When I first started blogging, I had a different job and more time. Now my commute is longer and my evening time shorter.
    I do not post as often as I did. I do it for me and as a way to document how the cats are doing. I have other interests,photography being the biggest one. I am enjoying the learning process of a dSLR. Now, I like to visit other blogs rather than post myself as often I like the new CB kitties, but feel a certain loyalty to the “older crowd”
    As you say, it is hard to keep up, so I tend to stick with my faves and visit newer blogs sometimes. I post because it is still fun and I still like the CB community.Looking at cat blogs is often a nice way to relax after work. I don’t always comment.
    We do enjoy your blog and are happy you are not leaving. I understand your thoughts . I also do not feel “guilty” if I do not post. Just do what feels comfortable for you. I look forward to see what direction you choose to take 🙂
    End of my long windedness 😉 (hope it makes sense)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie
    and mom Nancy

  12. Hey I always feel left out! MOL!!! I just “keep on, keepin’ on!” I’m used to people hating me lol, mostly because I say what people don’t want to hear or what they are already thinking but don’t have the guts to say.
    Seriously, this was beautifully written and it couldn’t have been said more eloquently. I happen to have NO CLUE what has transpired (see? I told ya I am left out! lol) but I march to my own drummer and I like it that way!
    I am grateful for everyone but I also learned a loooong time ago that you can’t please everybody either and no matter what there are gonna be some who just don’t like ya! So be it! That’s why there is chocolate and vanilla 🙂

  13. I always felt like you were a kindred soul from the west… 🙂

  14. Well said. I started blogging because of another cat blogger and I love meeting new people. Once I started blogging with Sweet Praline, I was able let my creative side out at night after reading and writing such technical stuff during the day. Before I knew it, I was part of a special community. I also used to visit every sing person each night and my comments grew, but the CB has become such a larger group that it’s almost impossible to visit everyone. It’s kind of like they tell us in church. If you really want to get the most out of it, you have to become involved and be a member of a smaller group. I try my best to visit those of you I’ve know over the past 5 years on a daily basis, but life sometimes gets in the way.

    I also love getting comments, but you do have to visit and leave comments in order to receive them. It’s only fair!

    I’ve also gained some true friends through the CB. They are people I know I can pick up the phone and talk with whenever I need to. We have our cats in common but we also have each other. Thank you for your friendship.

    I plan on staying with the CB as long as they’ll have me!

  15. those years when we were active bloggers were wonderful. we felt like being part of a world wide community and made many friends, and our human is now a personal friend of some of the humans of our friends! but life changes and the maid does not have the time anymore to blog for us. we do miss hearing about all the other pet bloggers but always feel that if we had the time we could just jump back in. and the faces might have changed a bit as communities do change but the overall concept is probably still the same. we try to post at least every few month so as to not totally lose all contact.
    and thank you for still visiting us! we very much appreciate that!

  16. We started blogging originally to keep a record of our lives and to see what was happening in other blogs. We have made many friends over the years and have enjoyed commenting on other blogs. Now there are so very many in the Cat Blogosphere we are finding it impossible to keep up and tend to visit our older friends first. Blogging is taking more and more time and then it can become a chore. Mum doesn’t want that to happen so has decided to cut our visiting back and if it means we lose some of our visitors, then so be it. When she has some spare time like tonight, she is going through her reader by name rather than most recent posts and will maybe read 3 or 4 posts in one go from each chosen blogger. No, it is not an ideal way to do it but it means she won’t miss posts from her favourite blogs, yours being one of them. We will make sure she continues to help us try and find Chey!

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