Dona Nobis Pacem November 4, 2012

Do you ever think that one person can’t do anything?  I remember when Mimi started the Blogblast for Peace.  We had a lot of cat bloggers joining in.  The Woman actually did a post on her own blog.  Now there are bloggers from all over the world, blogging about the importance of peace. Okay, so maybe we’re all sitting around writing about peace, but we’re talking about it, at least.  That’s better than before.  There’s a resource for like minded folks.  It may not bring world peace but it’s a start, because you know what?  Who will you meet there?  What ideas will happen?  And maybe then we really will get world peace.  All because one woman decided to just put the word out there to have one day where bloggers talked about peace.  It’s kind of amazing really, when you think about?

I’m going back to napping–because as I’ve said before, a good nap is way better than war. It’s especially true if you have a good snuggle instead of fighting.  We really ought to try it sometime.


  1. We dream of a time when the world is at peace.

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. Lovely post for BlogBlast for Peace. Peace be with you.

  3. Great post for peace! Your lovely blue eyes are accentuated by that graphic, Chey.

  4. Peace to all of you!

  5. Great thoughts! And thoughts matter.

  6. Dear Chey,
    Me has not been blogging long, but Mommy remembers when she posted about blog blast for peace on a work blog and was reprimanded by her boss. However, the president of the company she worked for them was quite impressed.

  7. keep on keepin’ on, Chey!

  8. Purrs for peace!

  9. Purring for peace too! >^..^<

  10. Here’s to Peace for all species, today and every single day!

  11. Joining you on this day to purr for peace in the world, in our families and homes, in our neighborhoods – and especially peace for those victims of Hurricane Sandy.

  12. We join you in your wish for peace.

  13. I remember when Mimi talked about the idea, and when she got such an enthusiastic reaction, she went for it. Mimi is amazing, and has kept this movement going and given it momentum. One day, perhaps, we’ll all see our dream of peace come true!

    Peace to you!

    (A link to your post will be on “Peace Bloggers Unite” later)

  14. Great peace globe, Chey. We assume the globe has Chey and Ichiro in it? Nifty.

  15. Great Peace Globe! We love seeing you all together! We’re purring for peace today too.

    The Florida Furkids

  16. Lovely blue-eyed peace globe, Chey. You are right – there can be no peace without social justice. Hope the humans figure it out soon.

  17. If we think about peace, that means we will work for it too. Even if to show just a little bit in our lives that we work for peace.

  18. We love your peace globe, Chey. We purr for peace…today and every day!

  19. Peace to you as well, Chey~!
    That is a very lovely globe.

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