Ichiro Takes on the Banana

Okay, I’m taking down the nip nanner!  Once and for all.

Clearly I have the week off to a good start!

And a very happy Birthday to little Brulee!


  1. Sumhow we think that nanner will still be around this time tomorrow. MOL!

  2. Keeeel it!

  3. I dunno, Ichiro… that nip nanner may not stay down for too long…

  4. Truffle has a couple of those and she carries them all over the house.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.

  5. Nothing like a good Bananner Kicking!

  6. Yes, a great start to the week!!!!!
    Trash that banana!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  7. That’s a different looking nanner than ours…but it looks way cool…and worthy of bunny-kicking!!

  8. Nip nanners are the BEST!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. I think it’s win win…Ichiro get the nip nanner and the nip nanner gets Ichiro drool on it. purrrrrrrrr….

  10. I think you have that nanner well under control!

  11. You’ve definitely got a deadly bitey lock on that banana, Ichiro! No way is it going to escape you now.

  12. Ichiro, that looks like a special nanner. You sure are doing a great job giving it a good wrasle.
    I think the auction will probably end this week end but I am not sure. I just asked ML what she thought. I will put a notice at the top of the auction when I know.
    Have a great day.

  13. Now who will be top banana tomorrow ? 🙂

  14. Nothing like a little nanner blood and guts to start the week off right!

  15. You GO, Ichiro!

  16. You go Ichiro!

  17. Kill that nanner Ichiro!

  18. Ichiro: 1 Nip bannaner: 0

  19. It never stood a chance.
    ; ) Katie

    Good luck to Chey in tomorrow’s debate! Tell her she better set her alarm.
    heh heh

  20. A ‘nip ‘nana…oh my Cod. That’s only like my favorite thing in the whole world! I’m coming right over.


  21. From where we sit, our money’s on Ichiro. But +1 to Cat Wisdom 101 for the “top banana” line.

  22. We have never seen a nip nanner like that one. It looks so real!

  23. And wins the smackdown!!!

  24. That unusual nip nanner looks tough, but we know you can make headway on it Ichiro!

  25. I Love my nanner too!

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