Art with Katie and Glogirly

It’s my first Art Walk Thursday ever.  So this should be special.  Of course, that means I can’t feature the Woman as well, we all know about her. I thought that seeing Katie is now having a great promo for her new business, Glogirly Design, that I’d feature her.

As you know Katie is having a contest on her blog with a variety of give aways.  I asked how much was being given away and Katie added everything up on her toes and toes and said, “The total value of all the graphics and design services we are giving away this week is $380.  This includes Friday’s GRAND PRIZE, a Blog AND Facebook Makeover.  In addition, we are also giving away a few pieces of official GLOGIRLY swag valued at $50! ” I’m impressed she has so many toes. Wow.  So get entering, right?

So, of course, “Design” is a big word.  What are Glogirly and Katie love doing most? “I love bringing ideas to life visually.  I love it when someone sees what THEIR idea can look like and the only word they can find is , WOW!.”

   Glogirly added, “I love helping people to brand their online identity.  Whether it’s a serious business of a fun hobby, it’s a reflection of YOU.  And our first impressions are always visual ones…More specifically, I really enjoy creating blog headers, logos and coordinating profile avatars, as well as tweaking the blog template, palette and layout.  Those are the basic elements of a Blog Makeover. One of the most fun projects I worked on was the blog and book cover design for Meg S. Hart’s Housecat Confidential.  It’s still one of my favorites.”
   We looked over at Housecat Confidential and asked if they specialized in cat graphics and Katie told me that they would help anyone, cats, rats, ferrets, goats, dogs and even humans with their design needs.  In fact, Glogirly is prepared to help with blog headers and backgrounds, Facebook pages, book covers, Special Celebration graphics, Logos, Business Cards, Swag Design, YouTube Channel Background, Videos and Blog Pages.  Wow. That’s a lot.
   You may wonder why should Glogirly get your business?  She’s studied design at the University of Minnesota and have a B.S. in Applied Design & Graphic Design.  In addition she says, “When I was in college, Photoshop was a place you went to have your pictures developed in an hour.  So to keep current on design technology, I’ve taken advanced training in Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign at an Adobe Certified School & Training Center.  But frankly, I’ve learned the most by just playing in the programs. Some people doodle on a post it. I do it on my laptop. “
   Katie, however, was a natural.  “Katie is a paws-on student of design.  My laptop is like a magnet to her.  From a very young age, as soon as I popped the lid open, she was right there by my side.  Conversely, as soon as I shut the lid, she’s a blurred flash of black & white fur. “
   So, is everyone ready to stroll on over there and see those great designs Katie has going on? Have you entered?  Check out the posts from this week–winning is just as easy as leaving a comment!


  1. Thanks for the cool article on us!!! We’ve been having TONS of fun this week with the giveaways. We’re not drawing names until 11:59 CST this Saturday night, so there’s still time to leave some comments and cross some paws.

    Just one thing…let’s be clear. I’M in charge of this whole thing…Glogirly is merely my graphic assistant and chief salmon supplier.

    xo, Katie

  2. She sure is doing some amazing work…. think she could spruce up three mugs like ours? Maybe we’ll win the big Kah-Tuna! Ms. Katie…. we’re ready for our close-ups!

    Harry, Dex and Tipp

  3. Katie and Glorgirly do amazing work. I am glad that you chose them for your first artwalk. I have entered one of the drawings.

  4. Glogirly is awesome and very talented! My human wants to use her work for some book design at some point.

  5. We love all the things Glogirly and Katie have done…they are very talented!

  6. They bost always impress and amaze!

  7. Glogirl do some clever things, we are off now to look at their competition. Thanks for mentioning this.

  8. Great interview with GG&K!!! I am gald that Katie made it clear who’s in charge though 🙂

  9. Miss Katie is a pure genius and oh her helper is , well, er…very helpful.

    Great post!!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini.
    Ping purrs

  10. Glogirly and Katie are a very talented duo.

  11. Ooooooooooooooooooo!!
    This was a super Art Walk Thursday!!
    We enjoyed it a bunch 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  12. We have our paws crossed, hoping to win one of her contests!

  13. super creative and quite talented!

  14. Great post and we are thrilled to have met the talent behind Glogirly in person!! Debbie is such a sweetheart and we wish her all the success in the world!

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