Meezer Mancat Monday

Here I am flying with da Bird!

Mom laughs at me in this picture. She thinks I look funny.

Well I’m cat.  I don’t really have wings so when I fly I do look a little silly!  Silly Mom!


  1. OMC what a great action shot!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. You look like SuperCat.

    Love the action shot.

  3. Oh Ichiro, we think you are showing how athletic you are 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  4. We think you MUST have invisible wings! The kind only Cats can see.

  5. Flying. How cute.

  6. Are you practicing the high jump for the summer Olympics???

  7. You practically look LIKE Da Bird instead of chasing one!

  8. Flying perfection! Love it!

  9. You look like you’re having fun, Ichiro. We got to play Da Bird yesterday too!

  10. We think that’s a terrific action shot! You’re showing off your athletic ability!

  11. I love that shot of your Ichiro! Mom was so lucky to capture you in flight.

  12. That sure is some mighty fine flying!

  13. You look very athletic. Da Bird doesn’t stand a chance against you.

  14. Mom did a great job of catching you in mid air, Ichiro. Around here, any moving cats end up as blurry cats.

  15. Me thinks yous looks fabulicious!

  16. Ichiro
    I think that is a good mancat Leap!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping, purrs

  17. Ichiro, you have pretty good form there!

  18. SuperCat in action.

  19. You look like you’ve taken up ballet dancing. All you need now is a partner.

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