Mancat Meezer Monday

Ichiro missed da birdYep. I missed da bird.  Do you like the landing? I would have had it closer to the last picture of me leaping after it but well Chey decided that the Hipster Bag post took precedence.  I am sure that is what threw me off my game.

Mom says I’m a bruiser of a cat when it comes to playing da bird.  And I am. I like to catch it and then I sit on it and growl at anyone who comes near.  Then I pull and tear and I can destroy a new da bird in a few minutes.  Does anyone know where we can buy those in bulk?  Mom says it’s getting expensive but I love it and it’s helped me come out of my shell.

We’re getting another cat tree to put in the bedroom so I have a place to call my own at night too.  Mom is hoping that way I’ll be even quieter although I am better than I was. Gemini no longer meows in the morning like she did at the other house either.  Things are just coming together don’t you think?


  1. I’m glad to hear that things are improving for you, Ichiro!

  2. Coming together beautifully!
    …hey, if you can swing a new cat tree, I’m sure you guilt her into some replacement birds.
    ; ) Katie

  3. you am soo handsum…. i iz in lurvs…

    Itzy Bootsie Woo.

  4. Sounds like the new house is working wonders Ichiro 🙂
    We give a big “10” for that pawsome landing 🙂

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  5. Hooray for blessed peace and tranquility in the Land of Meezers. We only have Cat Dancer and so far it has remained in tact and ready to dance again another day. Daily. Maybe you should buy a Cat Dancer. It’s the best!

  6. We’ve killed a couple Da Birds, too, Ichiro. And one got killed because Zoey chewed through the string that it flies on. Sheesh!! Now our mom has to keep Da Bird in the closet when we aren’t killing it.

  7. We like to kill Da Bird too! Mom has has a whole box of refills she bought somewhere (she can’t remember where). She hides ours too.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. What a spectacular landing! me gives yous a 10! Me is so happy yous coming outs of your shell and if Killing da Bird does it, then yous needs to kill more birds! Glad to here everybody else is doing better too!

  9. Yes, it sure sounds like things are working out purrfectly!

  10. That is a good landing Ichiro. Good work killing Da Bird.

  11. I think the best place to get DaBird refills is on eBay or at least the cheapest place. We do the same thing to our fevvers. Just rip them a part.
    Glad to hear everyone is doing a little better. Have a great week.

  12. We say if Da Bird makes you happy, you deserve a TRUCKLOAD of ’em! We think your Mom is great to get you a tree all your own.

  13. I thought you meant a real bird, to begin with. Hope you soon get your own tree anyway and that things work out well for you.

  14. Ichiro, you are a big boy! How much do you weigh? Harley is 12. Pounds.

  15. You are evidently a danger to all birds, real feathered ones or not.

  16. Now Ichiro that is the way a mancat treats the da bird!!!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping purrs

  17. Our the mom is fond of the dollar store, where all cat toys are a dollar – she buys us lots there! What about buying a boa and then cutting it in pieces and tie it on the end?


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