Find Chey Friday

This could be a tricky one couldn’t it?  Hmm… Of course someone might recognize this place for what it is.  With all that snow it’s hard. Does any one know where I am?!

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  1. Are you home?

  2. Is that your new home!!!!!!??

  3. We think that must be your new home. But we’re too late…

  4. I’m not fooling anyone! I thought this might be easy peasy but then again the Woman was busy and didn’t get to ask Pixel and Samba about a couple of places!

  5. Are you snug and warm at home?

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Wow, we like your new place!

  7. Love the new place!

  8. We like your new home in Washington!

  9. Meezer colors!

  10. Pixel and samba says

    Ooo. We will have our mom send your mom a link to flicker. Dad has uploaded stuff with info 🙂

  11. Looks like you’re snowed in at home! Don’t go out kitty! too cold looking! BRRRRRR

  12. Even “we”, who never-ever know where you are would have guessed correctly today! But we’re too late … sigh!
    So … instead we’ll just say “Home is where the heart is”.

  13. We thought it might be your new home too. It looks lovely.

  14. That must be your new home! Wow, look at that snow piled up on the cars!

  15. HOME! It’s the best place to be! srsly.

  16. What a lovely home!
    And wow snow, we’re glad our snow done melted. But nice house!!

  17. We think you are home, Chey!! But everybuddy beat us to it!

  18. Chey i am able to see you on my iPad.
    It’s weird on the laptop the only site I can’t get to is yours?
    Is that not weird?

    Well it will probably clear up but am glad I finally thought to check with my iPad!
    Hello Miss Gemini I have missed you!
    Ping purrs

  19. We thinks you are at home.

  20. That is a nice place ya got there…except for the snow!

  21. Is that your new house Chey? Looks nice, you even have your own room! Mum says the metal monsters should be inside their room too.

  22. Gosh, I guessed that one. Oh well. I am always to late. That sure is a pretty house. But at least it was an easy trip home. Way to go Chey. Take care.

  23. We know where you are….keeping warm at home. You wouldn’t go out in that stuff!

  24. Nice to “find” you at home!!
    That is really the best place to get lost 😉 heehee
    In that picture, you have more snow than we do, so you were smart to stay
    indoors, rather than going out and getting lost.
    That stuff is cold.Mom says so!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia ,
    Tiger, Treasure and JJ

  25. Snow??? Hope you’re all snug and warm in your lovely new home!

  26. We are back…because mom had to take a second look at the paint colors…and we are now snickering that you had supreme influence over your humans…and you now live in a Meezer colored house. How purrfect is that??

  27. This is your new home sweet home? It is lovely!
    I know you and Gemini and Ichiro are snuggetty snugggg


  28. Well!! How pawsome!! Home Sweet Home! Stay warm and dry and enjoy your new house!

  29. We see you, Chey, in da window of your new home!!

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