Find Chey Friday

Where is Chey? Check a map of Alaska...Well, hmm… Now what have I done?  It’s rather comfy here but I wonder if there’s a warmer way to fly?  Or maybe teleport?  But I can’t figure out where I am.  Does anyone know?

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  1. We got nothin’. . In our part of the country, we have mountains and we have lakes, but not next to each other. Nice view, though.

  2. Hmmmm, I have no idea…but I think that sea plane will come in handy for me when I want to go on my next cheese tour of the world!!! Can I borrow it??

    So as long as I’m here, I’ll take a guess that you are somewhere in Alaska.

  3. Well that is a very good guess Cory. Now perhaps someone can refine your guess!

  4. I wish I had a guess better than “over there on the right.”

  5. I see Cory has already suggested “somewhere in Alaska”, which was what I was going to say. I will just throw out the possibility that you are near Skagway, but it is really a guess.

  6. Hmmmmmmmm,no idea 😮
    We see all that water and that is scary!!!That stuff is wet Chey!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ
    Mom says “Thank You for the B’Day wishes”

  7. A wild guess: Mountain Lake in Alaska?

  8. make sure that the propeller does not give you a bad fur cut!

  9. Since I never know, this, for me is “Go See Who Found Chey Friday”!!!

  10. Well as usual, we don’t have a clue. Alaska sounds good. It is really pretty wherever you are Chey. IF it is Alaska, you had better look for a sweater soon. Take care.

  11. What Brian said. We only knew once where you were, so we just come to see who got it right. Although, our first thought was “somewhere in Alaska”. How about Kodiak?

  12. Can Chey bring back some yummy wild salmon for Ichiro? Essential fatty acids are good kitties.

  13. Good for kitties. How is he?

  14. We are not in Kodiak. Ichiro is still talking at night but not quite so much. We have our appointment with Polly this afternoon and we will see what happens tonight!

  15. We haven’t played in a long time – & aren’t very good anyway… BUT, we’re going to guess somewhere near Sitka, Alaska (our Mom watched The Proposal over the holidays – MOL!!)

    Be careful not to fall in that yucky water stuff – it’ll take HOURS to fix your furs!!

    Have a great weekend,
    Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  16. I think with the plane there that Alasaka is the best guess, but just to throw another location out there I am going to say Mount Rainier.

  17. Nope not Sitka either. I am farther north than both of those (I think).

  18. Ok, it’s Alaska. Are you near Anchorage?

  19. Mom werked with a client in Homer, Alaska.

  20. Victor is the closest so far

  21. Matanuska, Alaska?

  22. Kenai, AK?

  23. How bout Seldovia, Alaska? I bet you can get grate fish up dere.

  24. No No and No…:)!

  25. Well we can tell you who owns the plane but we better not put it on here, and he lives in Moose Pass Alaska so we think it must be close to there.

  26. YEAH! Eric and Flynn!

  27. Kachemak?
    On a seaplane at Homer Spit?
    On teh Gulf of Alaska?

  28. Hooray fur Eric & Flynn! We looked at airports but not airplanes!

  29. Woohoo, we got it! We were late getting here today and thought we would be too late, but we are glad we found you.

  30. Well concats to Eric and Flynn.
    Dont ever try and hide from E&F because these two intrepid kitties will find you!

    Hello gorgeous Gemini
    Ping puffs

  31. Well, we’re late for playing…and Eric and Flynn have already found you, which is a good thing because we didn’t know where you were, Chey! Don’t fall in that water!!

  32. We didn’t know where you was neither Chey. You ends up in some funny places. MOL

  33. I think that’s Alaska for sure. My grandpawrents went up there and all their pictures from their trip looked just like that. They went on a cruise, however, and not by plane, but I think they did go on a plane for a little trip and that looks like what you are doing Chey. Be careful you don’t fall off there and where in blazes is your parka?

    Sending you warm thoughts.

    pawhugs, Max

  34. Eric and Flynn are your handsome heroes, lovely Chey!!…Glad they found you and hope you enjoy a happy weekend with your precious siblings!…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

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