Tabby Tuesday

What do you have for me Momma? Oh you are taking my photo?  I had no idea. I thought I would just go and give you a little whiff.

And now you have made me look a little bit funny. Like my head is way too big for my body.  And it isn’t. What will Ping think? He will think I am all deformed.  That is so unfair of you. And you wonder why I always refused to come out of my closet!


  1. Humans! They take awful photos and then wonder why nokitty wants to be photographed.

  2. You look purrfectly lovely!

  3. Gemini, we think you look beautiful!!

  4. Gemini ~ that is a BEAUTIFUL pic of yoo. Yoo should come out of the closet more often! xx

  5. We don’t think Ping will, even for a moment, think you’re deformed, Gemini! You’re gorgeous!

  6. Ping thinks you are beautiful even when your mom takes goofy photos of you.

  7. You look mighty fine sweet Gemini!

  8. Gemini, we don’t think that picture makes your head look big. It looks very handsome to us. But those hooomans are so bad about taking pictures when we just don’t want them to do that. Hope you have a better day.

  9. We have a thing for fat cheeks and yours are snorgalicious.

  10. Don’t worry Gemini — your look beautiful in that picture. A little bunny-like, yes — but bunnies are so darn cute.

    And it’s all the better for Ping to see your gorgeous eyes. All you need to do now is smile.

  11. We think you look just fine, Gemini dear.

  12. Gemini, you look like a little baby kitten!

  13. Oh Gemini, I think you look like a beautiful wild tiger!

  14. *splat*

    Miss Gemini
    I am sorry to tell you Ping isn’t going to be able to leave you a message tonight.
    He got one look at the computer and he went out like a light.
    I think that is what happens when he sees your beautiful pictures.
    Needless to say I think he went out a happy mancat.

  15. Don’t worry, Gemini. Your friends know how lovely you are and that your head is perfect for your body.

  16. We thought the photo made you look sweet and kittenish Gemini. Of course you always look sweet though.

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