Find Chey Friday

I was feeling rather like I wanted to do some movement and get some action. Hey what’s up there?  You know I think I might have been here but before but I can’t recall.  Things look different from this angle!  Can you help me get home?

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  1. Goodness, we are first again and we might have a clue. You are showing everyone how well you can climb the rock wall on one of the Royal Carribbean cruise ship. Can’t tell for sure which one just from this picture.

    You are doing a good job, nice stretches between the paw holds.

  2. Well…you are climbing a rock wall and you are on a cruise ship….assuming it’s not The Good Ship Lollopop!

  3. Mom can’t spell….

  4. Pixel and Samba says

    my guess is also RCI but not sure what ship…

  5. But where is the ship?!

  6. I haven’t a clue, as usual.

  7. All I can tell it’s a cruise ship. And that’s a lot for a kitty who usually hasn’t a clue.

  8. We agree it is a Royal Caribbean ship because of the rock climbing wall and we think it may be in Seattle.

  9. Is is the Small World ride at Disneyland?

  10. Once again,
    we do not know.
    Just stopping by,
    to tell you so.

  11. Are you on another planet, Chey? A different dimension?

  12. Cool looking place, but I don’t know either.


  13. Not sure where you are,but it looks like you are in an octopus 😮
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

    PeeEss: Mom is at her sister’s place. Her computer was acting up and we could not visit our fave meezer!

  14. Seattle was a good guess but that is not where I am. You are in the right ocean though!

  15. California? No clue but we’d love to climb that wall!

  16. I think I missed the boat!

  17. I sure don’t know but it looks like everyone is getting close. Hope someone finds you soon Chey. Have a good week end after you get home.

  18. Still no one has found me in the city. You are on the right ocean but wrong country!

  19. At first we thought the USS Arizona Memorial, but as usual..we really don’t know.
    Never hurts to guess!
    Happy Friday ^..^
    ~ The Bunch

  20. Vancouver?

  21. Which Vancouver. Here in Seattle we know of a Vancouver in Washington (which does have a port) and a Vancouver, British Columbia which also has a port… 🙂

  22. Ahoy Chey! Great climbing skills, we know you are on a ship but do not know where the ship is located!!

  23. Vancouver Canada

  24. Our mum thought it looked similar to one of the ports they stopped at on their Alaska cruise a few years ago. It’s certainly not any of the places on route so she thought it might be at the beginning Seattle which it wasn’t, or where they finished in Vancouver (Canada Place) BC

  25. Us again!!! She just noticed the sail like roof behind the ship and is sure it is Canada Place cruise terminal. Why didn’t she biggify in the beginning?

  26. Very good Eric and Flynn! The humans wanted to go out of Seattle but all the Seattle cruises were round trip and they wanted to stop in Alaska and visit the Male’s family that year. So yes, I am in BC!!

  27. If our mum wasn’t so goggle eyed from writing out Christmas cards, she would have known where it was as soon as she saw the roof representing the sails. They stayed in the Pan Pacific Hotel which adjoins the cruise terminal and their room looked out over “the sails”.

  28. Pixel and Samba says

    so rhapsody of the seas or radiance of the seas

  29. Gee, picky you wanted the port too! Sheesh, we didn’t think we had to get that specific.

  30. We have no idea, but we want to try and climb that wall!

    Truffle and Brulee

  31. Oh, good for Eric and Flynn for finding you. We had no clue.

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