Tabby Tuesday

I am a little bit miffed that Momma has new photos but she has not uploaded them of me.  So now I must give her my displeased look.

I hate to have to do that after a nice weekend like Thanksgiving, when she was home a lot and made Ichiro leave me alone.  Maybe she will upload the new photos by next week?


  1. I give Marita that look too, but she doesn’t seem affected… she laughs and scoops me up and kisses me until I squirm and struggle to get away… the Gaul!

  2. There is something humans are always slacking off on – they never function at 100% – except for the occasional times they get it 100% wrong.

  3. What a lazy mummy! Maybe she ate too much turkey. Did you get lots of turkey goodness?

  4. WE think your Mom will notice that unhappy look!!!
    Naturally we want to see new pics of you!!!
    Our om is just as bad though :/
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  5. Yes, I can see that displeasure in your narrowed eyes and your semi-flattened ears! You still look awfully cute, though, so I hope your Mom takes you seriously.

  6. That sure is a disgruntled look on your face and we sure understand. Our Mom is always being slack. Hope to see the pictures really soon. Take care.

  7. Boy you sure do look disgusted!

  8. We that is a great picture anyways! Hey, as much coffee as my Dad drinks he needs a coffee table!

  9. Akshully, we see nothing wrong with that photo, Gemini! srsly.

  10. We can’t wait to new pics of your pretty face.

  11. That is an excellent look! It really gets your point across.


  12. I think that look is better than a thousand words. There’s no doubting what you’re thinking.

  13. Poor Gemini! You have to put up with that evil flashy box and then she won’t post the pictures. Don’t blame you for that look!

  14. We sure hope your mom uploads those pictures because we don’t like seeing your miffed look, Gemini!

  15. We hope she does. We would like to see your new photos.

  16. Gemini, you need to have your Mom enroll you in the Tabby Cat Club. ~Socks

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