Cheysuli Running Again?

Cheysuli, the socialist head of the group Critters for Total World Domination, is contemplating a run for the Republican nomination.  Given that she is for universal healthcare and breaking up the military industrial complex, we asked Cheysuli why she thought she could get such a nomination.  “Ike was for those things,” Chey replied, referring to Dwight D. Eisenhower who was president in the last century and a Republican.

Chey points out that like Lincoln, another famous Republican she is also against slavery.

She does favor raising taxes, the right of a woman to chose and marriage equality.  Further, rather than worshiping in a Christian Church, Chey worships at a mirror, purported to be, by a source named only as Mao (not like Chairman), a very LARGE mirror.  Chey answers these concerns by saying, “Well I’m not Mitt Romney.”


  1. You not only present our views, you have our complete support. As you are the only viable CATtidate to the Willard and the 7 dwarfs, you are autocatilly in the front of the “pack” of those dogs!

    Chey for Republican cantidate. Everyone seems to have a turn at it and this is HERS!

    We throw a few soft mousieballs your way”

    1. With a large enough litterbox, how would you bury Hussein, Bin Laden, and Gaddafi?
    2. Will you provide enough “Roasted Chicken Chunks” canned food to cats in formerly-dictaorship countries?
    3. Do you have a vice-preident in mind? (Me, Me, Marley)
    4. What changes would you make to Food Channel cooking shows?
    5. An those exercise shows, should they be fer humans or toy play fer cats?
    6. Why you an not Al Gore?

  2. You’re against slavery, Chey? But I don’t wanna let my human go free!

  3. What about your endless supply of fishy flakes and ham???

  4. I don’t care which pawty you run for, but you must run, we need you!

  5. if you need campaign help again i will stock up on eating gassy foods……… – Miles



    Or President. That works, too…

  7. Chey, you really do nee to run. You would be the only decent candidate on there. The rest are really scary. So let’s get a campaign going. You Will Win. Take care all of you. Have a great day.

  8. Considering the outcome of your last Presidential run, which failed purely because of speciesism in not allowing cats to have the vote, perhaps a new approach is needed. We will be behind you, Chey.

    However, I have a question. My staff of 2 is unpaid. Does that mean they’re slaves? If so, I favor keeping them.


  9. Don’t forget your 9-9-9 lives plan!

  10. How about Occupy Litterbox?

    Hello sweet Gemini?


  11. Pixel and Samba says

    Chey,I am going to ask are you for free spay and neutering too and also requiring people who are not breeders to do so?

  12. And treats for everybuddy!!

  13. She has our vote! As long as the survunts stay on to tend to our efurry need.

  14. +1 for Daisy’s comment!

    And the fact that you’re not Mitt Romney should be worth a couple of weeks at the top of the polls. (Maybe more if you avoid Oops moments or questions about Uz-becki-becki-stan-stan.)

  15. Chey, you are far more articulate than any of the other candidates.

  16. You have my vote! I would volunteer to be your VP but there is that whole drug test problem – I just can’t leave the nip alone.

  17. I would again offer my services for VP, but I see others have indicated they are willing to serve as well. Which ever cat you choose, we will back you 100%.

  18. Well, not only are you NOT Mitt (I had all my hard drives wiped down) Romney, but you are certainly smarter than all the Republican candidates put together. (All the stuff twirling in my head, Ooops and just plain loco)

    Run, I tell you, Run! I will manage your Northeastern Campaign if you do run!


  19. we know youd be better at debating.

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