Tabby Tuesday

This is the face I show Ichiro.  He keeps trying to mess with me.  I tell him that I dare him to take me on.  I am a tough little tabby.


  1. Did he listen ? If not, Don’t worry my friend. Our long fur fluff is the best protection ! We Rock !!!
    Have a great day

  2. Uh-oh, I would not want to mess with that face!

  3. If I were Ichiro, I would leave well enough alone when I saw that face.

  4. Way to go Gemini!! I must try that face on Maverick!! I sure would not want to mess with you!!
    Happy Belated Halloween to you all!!
    Your TX furiends,

  5. Actually, #1 says she would be tempted to kiss it…

    The Chans

  6. Well, we wouldn’t mess with you if you gave us that face, Gemini!!

  7. Oh, my mom is in agreement with #1…that is one very kissable face!

  8. that’s a scairty face Miss Gemini!

  9. Hey, little dude, don’t you know girls rule!

    Laila Ali

  10. And he is so warned!

  11. Oh Miss Gemini
    THAT is a good face to show Ichiro!!
    I know that will work to keep him at bay.

  12. Oh, yeah. We wouldn’t mess with you either.

  13. It’s a scary face, Gemini, but also a pretty one. Hugs to you and nice to see you back! We couldn’t see your blog for days…

  14. He needs to lurn manners! xx

  15. I hope that Ichiro takes heed!

  16. Your face says it all Gemini!

    Yes, we know that the Blogosphere will help with moneys for Sammy if needed. Meowm is usually on the side of doing the helping, but if she needs help she knows where to run.

  17. Somehow I don’t think Ichiro is fooled that easily 😉

  18. Did Ichiro listen? Did you show him? We think he needs to be afraid, Gemini!


  19. Hmmmm, we don’t think you look scary……but then, we are miles away, aren’t we=^Y^=

  20. Gemini, we sure wouldn’t mess with you with that look on your face. That is what we call really scary. Hope it worked. Take care.

  21. that is a face no one wants to mess with 🙂

  22. That look should suffice, Gemini. We hope Ichiro took heed too.

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